UCH Nurse Residents, any advice?

  1. Hey Everyone,
    I'm currently living in Georgia and I'm about to graduate with my BSN in May.
    I'm looking into University of Colorado Hospital and it's my top choice for an RN Residency program. I know it's highly competitive but I was hoping that anyone who has applied or has participated in the program to shed some light for me.
    Any information on how they select applicants for the program, what the program entails, and your personal experience.

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  3. by   pitaya
    I applied there as a back-up plan in case I didn't get into my dream hospital, which was not in Colorado.

    I was worried because my application inadvertently got sent to the wrong place, but they still called me for an interview! I wish I could have accepted the interview (just wanted to see if I could get into a nationally competitive hospital), but I had already started the job at my dream hospital, so it worked out for me.

    Anyway, out of the people in my nursing class who applied to this hospital, the only ones who got interviews were those of us who had a 4.0 GPA. And the people who accepted the interviews got hired. So it definitely seems like GPA was the main factor they used to weed out people.

    My school was not in the Denver area, we didn't do clinicals at that hospital, and those I know who applied did not have any Denver-area connections. Hope this helps!