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Hello! I was wondering if anyone is applying to UCCS for the Accelerated BSN program for May 2018? And for any recent grads, do you know what the average GPA/ HESI scores were for those who were... Read More

  1. by   mskw
    Hi JNelly,

    I only applied to UCCS so I don't know much about Pueblo. However, I've heard they have a great program as well. I suppose another benefit is that it's shorter? UCCS does have a mental health rotation in Pueblo. I'm not sure how it works exactly, but it seems plausible that we may have to drive to Pueblo occasionally. Good luck in your decision and congrats!
  2. by   smitty524
    I got accepted into UCCS too! I would love to join the facebook group if you ended up making one!
  3. by   mskw
    I sent you a private message! You can PM me back if needed. It might say it doesn't go through, but it does.
  4. by   dwilke15
    I just found out I got in!!!!
  5. by   kaap
  6. by   SephONE
    Quote from dwilke15
    I just found out I got in!!!!
    Awesome, dwilke15!! enjoy, its an excellent program from what I hear. I just gave up my seat for the next person on the waitlist. Hope they are excited as you!
  7. by   Charlieangel
    Hello everyone! I was also on the alternate list and got an acceptance email yesterday! Would love to meet everyone on this thread as well before the start of classes!
  8. by   mskw
    Awesome!! Congrats! I will send you a private message with contact info so we can add you to our group.
  9. by   faithc77
    Hello all,

    I am planning on applying this fall (2018) to start May 2019. Would you please post your HESI scores and GPA so I have an idea on the chances of being accepted?
    How did you all study for the HESI A2?

    Thanks y'all and good luck on this coming 2018-2019 academic year!! You will all kick ass
  10. by   Charlieangel
    Hi Faith,

    To be competitive you need to get above a 90 on the HESI. UCCS weighs the HESI more than your GPA so as long as your GPA is above a 2.5 I wouldn't worry about it. To study, I used Quizlet, my old textbooks and Khan Academy. Hope that helps.
  11. by   soccer22
    Hi Faith,

    Charlieangel is spot on. The GPA didn't seem to matter nearly as much as the HESI so I would focus on that. I also found the Pocket Prep app really helpful. It's $15 or something in the App Store but it was worth it. Good luck!!

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