Three Years?!

  1. So I attend ACC right now, getting my pre-eqs done for the ADN program. I know the wait is about 3 years right now, is this waitlist only for the community colleges of Colorado? Or for every college in Colorado?

    Does DSON have a waitlist? if anyone knows, can you tell me how long it is? Or what about the other schools?

    See, I thought I'd get my associates at a community college, because Financial Aid covers everything for me. At least it does right now. I'm really scared of loans and I wanted to avoid them if possible, but what do you guys think? Is taking out a few loans worth it, if it means I dont have to wait three years? Also, I'm going to be a certified NA by next month, and I'll be looking for a job in a hospital, does anyone know if I can get tuition reimbursment as a NA?

    Any advice would really be appreciated.
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  3. by   sddlnscp
    If you're not opposed to re-locating, you might check out some of the more rural areas. I think that LCC (Lamar Community College) doesn't have much of a wait-list, nor does the college in Trinidad (sorry, don't know that school's name). These are both Southeast Colorado. I think the wait-list at OJC (Otero Junior College in LaJunta) is only about a year. I'm not too sure about elsewhere though, I live in rural SE Colorado.

    Best of luck, waiting is so hard!
  4. by   mbw5680
    DSN has a short waiting list--but its on the order of months, not years. (As in, if you don't get in for the April quarter, you'll probably get in for July.)

    Check them out--and tell them I sent you (Mary West) if you don't mind, because I get a referral bonus. If you have more questions about that school specifically, feel free to PM me.

  5. by   RNin'08
    MCC (Morgan Community) only has about a one year wait list. I've heard good things about the CC in LaJunta and they don't have much of a wait (if any). I wouldn't suggest Trinidad Junior College, they're having some *huge* issues from what I hear from my mom's neighbor (she's almost done there and had to put off graduation because they lost so many instructors at one point last year).

    Good luck!

    ~my reality check bounced~
  6. by   jdarcy
    Good stuff here. Actually a lot of the schools had a sudden shortening of the wait times because the acceptance requirements changed. GPA, Math, Micro instead of Patho, Nutrition etc...the biggest was the GPA. some who were on the wait list got bumped because their GPA for Requirements was less than 2.5. -this is from the Chair of one of the community colleges.
    - Heads up on Trinidad: The way their program works is you go to Fall Semester, Spring Semester then take your LPN course work in the summer (if you want..) then you SKIP the following Fall semester and come back in the spring semester and finish with a brutal Summer semester. They dont have the hospitals enough down there for local clinicals and some of your clinicals are two days a week in Colorado Springs? You pretty much HAVE to get a hotel for two nights every week for a semester. (add that into your cost of school...) You can mapquest the driving times. it is probably brutal.
    I went down and checked the school out and really liked it. I saw some very good equipment but they also did something kinda strange that bothered me a little.
    Because the school has a campus in alamosa and a class in Salida as well as trinidad they didnt have teachers enough to go they told me they would have a teacher giving a lecture in a classroom in Salida (example) with 12 students and the lecture would be "broadcast" via internet to the class room in Trinidad with it's 15-20 students...maybe even to the Alamosa class as well. It was interactive so you could talk to the prof. in Salida as well as the class but it still seemed like a heck of a large class size. (sure, there are only 12 people sitting there many as 35 or more in a class) ...made me uncomfortable that there was such short staffing.
    Just start checking out the will be suprised what you learn by sitting down with them and talking one on one with the chairs...or the nursing admin assistants..(they REALLY know the inside stuff)