TEAS and Critical thinking test

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am going to Denver community college for LPN- RN. But they told me that I have to take TEAS and Critical thinking test to get into LPN-RN program.Have anyone taken this test ? I have no idea what kind of test is it , is it hard? I am kind of nervous . So any information regarding this test would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much l
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    anyone please ?
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    At the top right on this page is a search box. If you type in 'teas test' you will find pages and pages of posts regarding the TEAS test. The TEAS is used all around the country, not just solely in Colorado.

    Good luck.
  6. by   mharper
    I'm going to nursing school next year. Whatever school you are wanting to attend will give you all the information you need. During my own research on the TEAS it mostly consists of your basic high school studies. Math consisting of basic math, algebra,maybe some geometry , and metric conversions.I'm in Oklahoma and my school offers a TEAS prep class and that would be very helpful to you if your school offers that.
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    Google it. There is a free online sample somewhere online. It tests your general knowledge: reading, writing, basic math, basic sciences - at high school level. It's something you can do better on if you brush up on your skills, but it's not something you can cram for.

    I felt it was not too bad (I scored 94%). I reviewed all my basic formulas in advance (such as F to C), but I did not do a prep class.