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  1. Hello to the all nurses community,

    I am wondering if anyone has insight on the RN job market in the Summit County, CO area for year round work. The previous forums on this topic were prior to St. Anthony Summit Medical Center being built, and the Leadville hospital changing hands. I am wondering if these two changes have opened up the job market at all for nurses in the area? I was also considering the Vail Health Hospital as an option. What type of experience would you suggest for this area?

    Do any nurses in Summit County commute to Denver for work? I would love to hear about your experiences in commuting and if it is achievable without being too stressful.

    Thanks! Any information I could get on this topic would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   SiwanRN
    I can't comment to the jobs availability in Summit County because I don't live there, but as someone who has lived in the Denver area for forever I would not think that commuting to Denver for a job from Summit County would be a realistic idea. Even if you lived at the eastern edge of Summit County, commuting to the closest hospital in the Denver area off of I-70 (St Anthony's in Lakewood I think) would be about an hour drive. Add in the snow factor and the extremely heavy traffic on I-70 at times in that stretch between the foothills and Georgetown and you are looking at a very long time sitting in your car. Maybe if you had a friend in Denver you could stay with if you clumped your 12s together consecutively, but I don't know. To each their own I suppose - maybe some nurses make that drive, but I think that would make me miserable to have that long of a commute with the mountain traffic at peak travel times. Hopefully some Summit County residents can chime in about more local job opportunities. Good luck!