Regis University CHOICE progam 2013

  1. Just wondering if anyone else applied for this program? How long does it usually take before interview invitations are sent to applicants?
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  3. by   friendlykeano
    Got an email yesterday for an interview
  4. by   License2Heal
    Me too. Yay! Good luck!!
  5. by   friendlykeano
    When do you interview? I'm on the fri after next
  6. by   License2Heal
    My interview is that same day at 9 a.m. What time is your interview?
  7. by   friendlykeano
    noon, will you do the campus tour?
    im so nervous, i read that its 1 in 1 out at this point… its better than the 200 applicants for 50 interview spots though
    Good luck!
  8. by   License2Heal
    Agreed. Much better than the odds we started with. I'm nervous too. Yes, I am planning to stay for the campus tour. This is a fantastic step towards our future as nurses. Hope we get in!
  9. by   friendlykeano
    i've never done an interview before, have you? any tips?
  10. by   License2Heal
    This is my first interview at Regis University. Seems like a nursing school interview would be very similar to a job interview. I recommend doing a Google search for sample interview questions and then practice, practice, practice. Mock interviews are always helpful. Are you in school now? Perhaps check in with the career center at that school. It is always good to have an idea of how you might answer a particular question. Have examples ready. Watch your mannerisms. Video taping yourself during the mock interview is also a useful tool. See what you liked and didn't like about the way you answered a particular question. etc. Make sure to smile. You're gonna do great. Hope that helps!
  11. by   friendlykeano
    Thank you!
    yes i am finishing up by pre-reqs at metro,
    Good luck to you too!
  12. by   friendlykeano
    did you email to confirm your interview? i did but haven't received a reply, wondering whether i should call
  13. by   License2Heal
    Yes, I confirmed and received confirmation of my confirmation. Calling could be a good idea.
  14. by   License2Heal
    What classes are you taking at Metro? Have you taken Microbiology yet?