Pikes Peak community college program?

  1. Has anyone does the program through pikes peak community college, would love any info on it?
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  3. by   ThereB4Death
    Hey, Slytherinmoon!

    I am currently in the Pikes Peak Community College nursing program. The program is excellent and the teachers are great. In fact, PPCC has the highest NCLEX pass rates in the state. Is there anything in particular you'd like to know?
  4. by   m1ghtymurs3
    Hey! I'm not in the program, but I'm starting my undergrad this summer. Where are you in the process?
  5. by   W2BPedsNurse
    Do you mind sharing your GPA? I am currently applying for the Fall 2016 semester and am at a 3.3 GPA. Do you know if anyone has gotten in with this GPA?
  6. by   MsCupcakes
    I applied at PPCC last fall with a 3.6 pre-req GPA and was not accepted. I did only get an 89% on the TEAS, so I don't know which made me a poor candidate, but do keep in mind that it changes each semester based on the applicants. I was, however, accepted into another program that looks at cumulative GPA. My cumulative was considerably higher than my pre-req GPA.
  7. by   ThereB4Death
    Sure! My GPA was 4.0 and I had a prior degree. If you don't get in right away, keep applying. I have classmates that had to try a couple times. Keep in mind, your TEAS score does not matter as far as how high you score for PPCC. You only have to meet the minimum to apply; it is not calculated in your ranking.
  8. by   Dvasquez88
    Thinking of moving to pikes peak area from Dallas..wondering if nursing is as competitive their too .
    Also does it require same steps to get in program.
    I am barley finishing pre reqs.
  9. by   sunshinegirl4
    If you are considering PPCC, it is very competitive. The last group accepted all had a 3.9 or higher OR had a 3.7 or higher with a previous degree (worth two points). The prereqs to apply and that count in your GPA are English 121, Human Growth and Development, API and Microbiology. Hope that helps.
  10. by   Dvasquez88
    Thank you