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  1. I am considering a career change into nursing. I already have a bachelors in an unrelated field and have been looking at accelerated bsn programs but after all of my research they all sound beyond competitive to get into (I have no health care experience) and I still need to take pre-reqs. At this rate itll be years until Im actually in the working in the field. Anyway Im thinking LPN may be the direction to go for me b/c I cant afford to be out of the workforce too long (family to consider), will be taking a pay cut no matter if I go LPN or RN first and I figured LPN will require a smaller amount of loans (since I already have quite a bit from my first bachelors). My plan is to obtain my LPN then get a job with tuition assistance or a worksite program to eventually get my BSN. I saw Pickens Tech has a 9 month LPN program and I wanted to see if anyone has heard anything good or bad or even been through the program? Any input or comments would be greatly appreciated!
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    I just graduated from the program in Dec 08. Overall I thought the program was very good, the teachers truly care about you becoming a good nurse. And I know right now all the students I started class with have passed the NCLEX. The only problem is that clinical sites are kinda limited because its a public school and they cant make nice donations like the private colleges can. The program is very reasonable it only cost $5000 and that included books. Also the program is no longer 9 months because they were trying to improve there pass rate. I think its now 15 months or something like that. Best of luck!
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    Thanks for your response.

    I called this morning and spoke with a lady who told me the full time program is 9 months long, cost is roughly $7500 but then by the time I would be able to get into the program it will probably have increased...there is a 2 to 3 yrs waitlist...unbelievable...there is no quick route to nursing at any level..so frustrating!
  5. by   tsalagicara
    Don't let the sound of the 2-3 year waitlist scare you. It's really not that bad. You might also try Emily Griffith, they are a public trade school like Pickens Tech, and Emily Griffith's LPN program is 12 months, same cost (approx. $5000 is what the website says).
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    There are a few private LPN programs and also private RN programs in Denver but of course you are going to pay a arm and a leg for them and there is really no way to work in them b/c they are pretty intense. Concorde has both a LPN an RN program and they start every 4 months or so and they pretty much take anyone.....as long as you pass the entrance test which as long as you know basic Algebra you would be more then fine!

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