Nursing Schools in Denver- HELP!!

  1. This is my first post on this site but I have been looking at it a lot lately.

    I have a bachelors degree with a 3.0 GPA. I am just starting my prereqs but was very concerned about my changes of getting into Nursing School. I have some pretty good volunteer experience & have raised money for different non-profits on various occasions. My work experience has been nannying throughout my college career and working as a nursing assistant.

    I plan to move to Denver sometime between June & August. I am really concerned about getting into nursing school. I am capable and i'm hoping with a 3.8-4.0 in my prereqs I will have a better chance of getting into the nursing programs. I have been looking at a lot but I am trying to stay in the Denver area. Doe anyone have any suggestions?

    I've considered Emily Griffiths for an LPN & applying to an accelerated RN program while working on my LPN or not doing my prereqs this spring and starting them in Colorado in the fall (at University of Colorado in Denver) and then applying to the accelerated program.

    I want to stay within 30-40 minutes from Denver. Any suggestions of schools or what I should do?

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  3. by   chyna016
    You do not need to take your prereqs at UC Denver, you can take them at a community college which is cheaper. I will be starting at UC Denver in Jan, and I had a 3.1 in my undergrad, but a 4.0 in prereqs, all at Community College of Denver, and they were all online. We had students from all over in my online classes through CCD. It takes a year to get your CO residency if you are looking at state schools.

    There are quite a few BSN programs in the Denver area, but their prereqs seem to vary which is a bit frustrating. There is quite a bit of info on these boards for Denver BSN programs. You might want to look at all the schools, make a list of the prereqs, and start working on them and apply as you are able. I think UC Denver has the shortest list for 2nd degree students with 5 classes. I was able to complete them in two semesters.

    Don't forget to also check out University of Northern Colorado in Greely, I belive they only use your last 45 hours in calculating GPA. It is a little further than you were looking to travel, but it is a state school.
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  4. by   Izzy11
    The only school where residency makes a difference (for accelerated BSNs) is CU. Metro doesn't get any state funding for the nursing program so tuition is the same for in-state and out-of state.
  5. by   Sand_Dollar
    I am in the University of Northern Colorado traditional program and carpool with a friend from Denver. It takes her about 50 min or so to get to campus and she lives off of Federal & Speer (I think). UNC is strictly GPA based and if I remember right, the accelerated class was about a 3.5 GPA. I know in the traditional they look at the last 45 credits, but it could be different with the accelerated class and may just look at pre-reqs. The accelerated program goes for 5 semesters (incl summer) straight through.

    UNC does require additional pre-reqs than the other schools, and to be honest, I was bummed at first, but totally 'get it' now. I had all the regular pre-reqs done for UCD (I was denied) and then needed to get my CNA, biochem, pharm, patho & a medical nutrition class to be able to apply to UNC. But, to be honest, I am not bothered at all by being denied by UCD... I absolutely LOVE my school, my teachers, and my classmates (36 class size).

    As for clinical sites, since I live south as well (Brighton) there isn't as much competition for the Denver sites, so that is nice. The farthest north I have been for clinicals is Loveland and am now at PVMC in Brighton, with Children's & the Denver VA coming up in the next semesters. We get top notch clinical sites and our school, although not well known down south, is very well respected in the northern part of the state. We are a small (~10k) state university and have a 93% NCLEX pass rate for 2011. Oh, I don't know what the other schools do for their preceptorships, but you can choose any hospital in the *US* in ours. They just need to have an agreement with them and will set it all up for you.

    BTW... I too did all my pre-reqs online (except Pharm & medical nutrition) at a community college. Look into that as an option and save your driving for when you NEED to be on campus ( can start while you are still in your current location).

    Good luck to you...and don't forget the online classes - why wait..even if it's only one class or two.

  6. by   Gio5521
    I’ve been looking at this site for quite awhile and been getting great information. I going to be applying to the UNC nursing program next year. Not sure which one to apply to the Traditional or Accelerated but was wondering what your GPA was in your pre-req? For the looks of it I’ll probably end up with a 3.62 in pre-req and 3.54 in my last 45 credits. I’m wondering if I should re-take those classes I received a B in and try for an A.
    Any info would help

  7. by   Sand_Dollar
    Hi Gio5521,

    From what I heard, the lowest GPA accepted into the traditional program was around a 3.7 and the accelerated was something like a 3.5. It changes every year, so I don't know what next year will be like. If I were you, I would apply to the accelerated program because of the lower GPA requirement and if you don't get accepted the first time, retake those classes and raise your GPA. For the traditional program there is a 'magic formula' they use when they calculate GPA, and it was suggested to me to make sure most of the A's are in the Nursing Pre-req Support Courses (Biochem, Nutrition, Stats, etc - found on the info brochure) because they are weighed heavier than the liberal arts core. I don't know how they calculate the GPA for the accelerated program so if you haven't already, I would talk to Liz (the pre-nursing student advisor), she is very helpful and could give you more accurate advice.

    I hope that gives you something to go on. As for your question, I had a 4.0 when I applied. If you have any questions about the program I'd be happy to answer them for you. I love UNC so much, I'm happy every day to be going there...well, exam days don't necessarily count.

  8. by   Gio5521
    That's a lot of great information and I emailed Kim this morning and she confirmed that there was 58 applications and 32 seats were filled and the lowest GPA for those seats was a 3.51. Where did you take your CHEM 109 and did you do it online or in class?

    Thanks again
  9. by   Sand_Dollar
    Glad to help!

    I took Chem 101 & 102 (considered the same as UNC's 109) through CCConline. If you need to get it done in one semester, you might want to take it on campus in the spring.. and if you do, they won't calculate it into your entrance GPA.

  10. by   moving2denver
    What are the prereqs for UNC Greely? Im having a hard time finding a list on the website
  11. by   Sand_Dollar

    You can find the info here:College of Natural and Health Sciences - Nursing
    If you click on the brochure, it lists the pre-reqs needed.
    If you have any questions about UNC, feel free to ask.

  12. by   Maiko99
    Hi Sand_Dollar,

    I will start the accelerated program at UNC this coming May. Can you give me some advice on how I should prepare for my first semester? Do you have some suggestions in terms of used book for nursing courses? I would greatly appreciate any information you can share with me.

    Thank you so much.