No waiting list at Trinidad State Junior College, Trinidad, Colorado.

  1. I will be starting the nursing program this next fall at Trinidad State Junior College in Trinidad, Colorado (approx 200 miles south of Denver). There is no waiting list, the school admits students based on a point system, higher grades = more points, and last year they had enough spots for everyone that applied. I relocated from Denver and rented a big house and would have a room for rent, if anyone wants to look into going to school down here to avoid the waiting lists. - Amanda
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  3. by   carbon86
    Should we send our information to you to request an information packet? j/k, but really do you work for the school or some thing? Seems a little like stealth marketing to me.
  4. by   Amanda.S
    No, I don't work for the school. I just know how frustrating the waiting lists are (been wanting to go to nursing school x 20 years now!) and I need a good roommate! Now that my son is grown and gone, I am finally able to go back to school and figured there are probably others like me!
  5. by   hello sammi
    I'm in the Springs...Trinidad is a little too far for me, but good to hear there's a school with openings down there!

    Good luck in your roommate hunt and with school!
  6. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to Colorado nursing programs forum for more of a response.