Night classes at DSON?

  1. Does DSON offer night classes? I thought I saw on their website that they also offer classes from 6 pm to 10 pm. Is this true? I'm seriously thinking about looking into DSON because I don't want to wait the 2-3 years I will be waiting on the ACC waitlist. [EVIL][/EVIL]
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  3. by   mbw5680
    Nope, sorry. Right now classes are offered 8am-6pm. You're part of a group that all takes the same classes at the same time. Unlike traditional college, you don't get to pick when your classes are, they're assigned to you.
  4. by   nurse414
    :mortarboard:Just passed @DSN. We were the last class to have the night classes. It was REALLY, REALLY hard. I heard that they would no longer have the night classes. You might wasnt to call the school and talk to an advisor (Jeff was mine). Good luck