NICU training

  1. Can someone help me to get into NICU training. I'm trying to get there but all hospitals in Denver want to have experienced RN in this speciality.
    University hospital is taking only new graduates.
    And I'm nurse for 8 years. Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   Denverchick1983
    There are a lot of busy NICU's in Denver. Have you tried St. Joseph Hospital? It is one of the busiest hospitals for Mom/Baby. I know most hospitals want nurses to work in the Mom/Baby unit before going to NICU if they do not have experience and then they will start training you. Also, you can try Children's Hospital in Denver, or Denver Health.
  4. by   chabi766
    Try Pres St Luke's in Denver they are right next to St. Joe's and they will train new grads. They have two separate units a Level 2 and 3. They are one of the best.