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  1. i will be graduating may 2012 with my asn. i have read numerous posts regarding the job market for new graduates and it is very concerning. dec 2012 my fiancé and i will be relocating to denver and i wanted to find out some information about the job market for new graduates. any information or advice i can get will be greatly appreciated. silly question....but how far in advance should i begin applying for my co license? also how far in advance should i start sending in my resume/application?
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  3. by   denver2012
    Hi kali0487! We appear to be in the same boat! My fiance relocated to Denver for a new job. I graduated in Dec 2011. I am moving to Denver this month--the end of March. How are you doing?? I think you should apply for licensure a.s.a.p.. You are waiting until Dec of 2012? So, I would get some experience, if i were you, right.
    Hope you respond to this. We can help each other out!
  4. by   nyteshade
    As a former travel RN, apply for your license as soon as you obtain your home state license. However, if your home state is a compact state (just Google compact states), then you may not have to right away.

    As far as the new grad situation, it won't be easy, but not impossible if you keep an open mind...