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I am looking for any information, feedback, opinions and thoughts on the Accelerated (13mo) BSN program that Metropolitan State College of Denver offers??? Thanks in advance... Read More

  1. by   davwil52
    Yeah, I tried to get info from anybody before deciding which program, and couldn't find anything but second-hand hearsay about Metro's program. So I thought I should put something out there! There are 35 people left (started w/36), so it's a small group. Plus they split us into 2 groups for most of the classes. Program is divided into 9 6-week modules. Clinicals start in the 2nd module, so in June for us. Clinical placements are good, we've been all over (St. Joseph's, Denver Health, St. Anthony's, Lutheran, PSL, Children's, West Pines, clinics, schools...). Not to University, though, because their spots go to CU students. Experiences have really depended on the clinical preceptors, which aren't always determined by the school.
  2. by   cabanaboy
    Quote from bannon03
    I just got into Metro for April '09 also. My problem: I've conditionally signed an agreement with Denver school of Nursing also. Now I am picking between the two. Both schools don't have that much info about themselves on their website and no students really talk about either that much as well. My basis for choosing:

    Metro: 13 months, $27,000(or so)
    DSON: 21 months, $41,000!

    I want to be a nurse as quickly as possible, so I am considering canceling my contract with DSON and going to Metro. It doesn't make me feel that good though when I don't know too much about either.
    Did they happen to give you a date to accept by? I'm not trying to be nosey or pushy or anything like that. I am an alternate, and they told me that I could be accepted up until orientation on March 31. However, if there is a date that the accepted applicants are to reply by, I would like to know that. I am hopeful for some good news soon after that date. Thanks.
  3. by   bano.bsn
    They told me to reply by last Friday, Jan. 23. They said "if you dont reply by this time your seat will be given to another student"....etc.
    Good Luck, hope you get in!!
  4. by   cabanaboy
    That is good to know. Thanks!
  5. by   bano.bsn
    gj chriso,

    Did you end up hearing from Metro yet?
  6. by   cabanaboy
    Quote from bannon03
    gj chriso,

    Did you end up hearing from Metro yet?
    No. I might hear something all the way up until orientation, so I'm still hopeful. Thanks for checking!
  7. by   Eokin


    I logged onto to find more information about Denver Metro State's Nursing program. Thank you for the information, it is helpful. I too, just got accepted for Spring '09 (I also am moving from CA!) and was wondering what your impression of the campus was. I won't be able to make it out to visit before April so I would appreciate the insight. Do you have a concept of what you will do for housing?

  8. by   bano.bsn
    Hi Elizabeth,
    My husband & I moved last week to Denver. We had flown out and searched for housing (single family home type places). We got really lucky and found a place from Craigslist. It's a high end-duplex with a little backyard (we have 2 big dogs). It's about 2 miles from school in Washington Park area which we really fell in love with. We thought it was worth the pricey rent to be in a safe area with lots of parks for our dogs.
    As far as the campus, it is a little intimidating because it shares it with a community college and CU. So altogether, the campus seems pretty big. The administration building is apparently where we have all/most of our classes, which is sort-of on just one end of the campus. I like that we aren't smack in the middle of all those other colleges & buildings. It's a nice campus, open, and busy with lots of students. I committed to the program before I even saw the campus, so I guess I have to like it.
    Where in Ca are you from? We are from Ventura. I can't believe we really made the move to come out here, but its really already starting to feel like home. I am just really eager to start the program too!
  9. by   Eokin
    Hello again,

    Thanks for getting back to me!

    I'm leaving for Denver mid March. Unfortunately, my husband is going to stay in Northern California for the 13 months. We live in Humboldt County, which is very close to the Oregon border. I'm very excited about the move, and am hopeful I will find a good match for housing on Craigslist. It's good to hear that Denver is starting to feel like home.

    I'm sure we'll meet in a few short weeks! Good luck with everything.

  10. by   calliern3711
    Does metro send out letters of acceptance for nursing? I've been accepted to the university but just now applied for the nursing school and was wondering how they communicate your acceptance.
  11. by   One1
    I received it last year as an email first (doc attachment) and then the same document as a hardcopy letter a few days later.
  12. by   calliern3711
    I applied for the spring program (the date was by sept 1) just anxious to find out how long it takes until they notify you.
  13. by   Izzy11
    The notifications usually come out in mid to late October.

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