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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   angels&heaven122
    Hi everyone, I too am trying to find the "right" school for me, and I was just wondering how much the tuition is at DSN?
  2. by   salsaking
  3. by   KJ0615
    This is just a preliminary -

    Monday: Research 8AM - 10:15
    Foundations 11AM - 1:15

    Tuesday: Dosage Calculation 8 AM - 10:45
    Foundations 12 PM - 2:15

    Wednesday : Foundations Lab 8:45 - 12:45 or 1:30 - 5:30
    Thursday: Foundations Lab 8:45 - 12:45 or 1:30 - 5:30

    One warning: the classes should not change, but the time/day configuration tends to change each quarter. This warning also goes for the first quarter classes. Hope this helps.
  4. by   GizmosMom
    The tuition seems in line with what other similar schools' programs cost. That's good news.
  5. by   albpreemieRN
    I just sent in my application for DSoN's Fall 08 BSN class. I am from California and after being denied 3 semesters in a row I figured it was time to move on and find a school who will take me. I am finishing up statistics and pathophysiology right now, and will be taking college algebra over the summer.
    The only setback for me at this point is the cost. Are the Sallie Mae loans hard to get? Is there a financial counselor who works with you? I would appreciate any help!
    Hope to be meeting some of you this fall! Can't wait!
  6. by   salsaking
    Are they already accepting applications for the Oct BSN start date? I called them last month and they said they wouldn't be accepting applications until after april.
  7. by   albpreemieRN
    Did you talk to Jeff Johnson? Send your app in ASAP and keep in contact. They aren't "accepting" people until April but the apps can be submitted now. It's first come first serve.
  8. by   jamieb7319
    I have an interview for a school here in SD tomorrow but honestly I really want to move back to CO so I will be applying for Oct start date too. Any ideas if you take pathophysiology in advance if that lowers your tuition?
    Thank you to those who are posting the possible schedules, that really helps!
  9. by   salsaking
    I will call Jeff today, thanks! I'm in the same boat as you. Been rejected 3 times here in socal and have decided I need to get started with my career already.
  10. by   salsaking
    Well I talked to Jeff today and he said I can take my application in after the 3rd week of April. I was planning on going out there and checking the school out as it is.
  11. by   angels&heaven122
    Hello everyone! I am a high school senior trying to find the right program for me, initially I wanted to go to a University, then changed my mind and was thinking about a community college, but after hearing the length of the waitlist, I am now considering other options. Denver School of Nursing is definitely on the top of my list right now, but I guess my question is, is the small wait worth the money? Tuition isn;t horrible, but it is more than a school with a long wait, so can anyone tell me what they think? Any feed back would be great! Also, how long does it take to get the pre-reqs? Since I am a senior I will have to do my pre-reqs at a community college probably, which I htink would be the least expensive option...but howlong will that take? and can anyone tell me the specific classes I will need to take in order to get into DSON? Thanks! p.s. I am going to call the school to try to get some of this info, but I woud really appreciate some hands on information!
  12. by   angels&heaven122
    Hi everyone!! I recently posted my questions concerning DSON, and I just wanted to let everyone know what I found out.
    I was extremely excited to hear, when I called to find out what pre-reqs I needed to take before applying, that they now include the pre-reqs in the programs. So instead of being six eleven week quarters, it is now eight. (this is for the associates degree) So basically, no waitlist, pre-reqs are offered/included, and its an all around plus! The only negative is the financing...which can be worked with! I talked to Jeff Johnson, he was very helpful and enthusiastic! He told me that the n-clex pass rate over the last few years is above 90%, higher than any community colege in the state! So I am really excited, I plan to meet with him in June, and start in October! Wish me luck!! I will continue to post!
  13. by   salsaking
    Congrats! Good luck to you....... The only thing I'm scared of is the financing. I will be applying for the Octber BSN program.