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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   DreamJob1976
    Hi Lizzie,
    Thank you very much! Good luck to you as well. I am not too worried about the interview but just can't wait to know if July will work out. I am a Planner.. :-) In regards to Patho, I am still a bit undecided what I am going to do. I think that it might be better to take it at DSN so I can be sure I learn everything I need to know.... Patho is definetley a very important class and I don't want to fall behind just by taking it somewhere else. Know what I mean? Do you know how many people they accept per start date?
    Well, let's keep in contact.. :-) There is a good chance that we will be in the same class.. :-) I stopped by Front Range and requested that my transcripts will be forwarded to DSN. They said it would take 24 - 48 hours until they go out in the mail. I might just make it.. :-)
  2. by   DreamJob1976
    Dear salsaking,
    we will definetely keep you posted. DSN is a very good school and you most likely will not regred moving out here to attend school. Finances will always work out somehow... They say there is only two types of "good" debt ..... Mortgages and student loans. Houses usually do not lose value and by advancing your education you will have a much brighter future. :-) That's what I tell myself when I get nervous.
  3. by   Lizzie21
    Hey Everyone,

    So I did the DSN interview and it was really easy. Jeff was so easy to talk to and answered all my questions. He showed me around the school and i totally feel in love with it. It has one of the best labs i've seen so far! I can't wait to get my admissions letter in the mail! hope all the interviews went well for others and hopefully we will be all starting in July!!!
  4. by   DreamJob1976
    same for me.... The inteview was very informative and comfortable. No suprise questions or anything like that. We were shown around and I must say that I now completely feel at peace with my decision to go to DSN. The school seems very well organized and very student oriented. They are also making huge improvements (Peds lab, Computer lab) etc. in order to provide their student with the best possible start. I was very impressed and hope that all of you have a great experience as well. Have a great day.

  5. by   KJ0615
    Hi, Lizzie21:

    I am glad that everything went so well - I thought it would. I just finished week 2 of the first quarter. There is a lot of reading, but so far my nose is above water. Look forward to seeing you in July!
  6. by   jamieb7319
    Does anyone know how far the classes are filled through? Is October start date still open? When do you apply for the Sallie Mae, after you finish your application? I hope you still keep in touch on the application process, your information has been great!!
  7. by   KJ0615
    Hi, Jamie:

    You will need to call the school and ask (303-292-0015). When I started, the wait list was only until the following quarter, but this may have changed.

    Good luck!
  8. by   DreamJob1976
    Dear Jamie,
    the start date that we applied for was July 2008. I don't think that they opened the registration for the October 2008 term yet. I would get in touch with the school and find out when they open registration for the October 2008 term. It might be already open.... If that is the case, you should contact them as soon as possible as they fill their class space on a first come, first serve basis. You do not need to apply for the Sallie Mae loan before you apply to DSN as the official loan request cannot be made earlier than 6 months prior to you starting DSN. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any
  9. by   DreamJob1976
    questions about this... But first and foremost, I would definetely contact DSN in order to find out when you can register for October. It really increases your changes of getting in for the term you want when you schedule your interview right when they open registration. Hope this helps! Have a good day.
  10. by   floyd
    Hello, I see there are a few of you starting DSON in July 08. I just turned in my app fee and was told everything was ready to go for me...just waiting for the official acceptance letter. I will be in the BSN program. I am very excited and also nervous about the work load. I, like many of you, have kids and also work part time! I was going to take patho online this semester (I go to Arapahoe) but decided I would learn more in class so I will wait and take it with everyone else. Hope to meet some of you in July
  11. by   DreamJob1976
    Dear Melissa,
    this is great! Congratulations! I am in the same shoes...... Running home every night after work to see if this acceptance letter has arrived and I can stop worrying.. :-) I think it should come any day now... I had my interview early last week and I guess it was supposed to take about 2 weeks. I am also with you on being very excited but also worried about the workload... But I am trying to remember that it will be a tough 2 years but then life will be become easier as I will be working in my dream job and have a much more flexible schedule than I do now. This will give me more time for my kids in the long run. I also had signed up to take Patho online this semster but just dropped out of it. I agree with you that learning Patho through DSN is the better way to go.... Have you thought about financing yet? I am still a bit undecided... Sallie Mae vs. Home Equity... What do you think?
  12. by   floyd
    I will probably go through Sallie Mae because we are in the process of selling our house right now....
    Are you taking any classes right now? I am finishing up with my last 3.
    I have been going to Arapahoe. I am even on the waitlist for nursing there but it has been nearly 2 years and I think I have about another year to go! I got tired of waiting, besides a BSN is better than an ADN...and in the same amount of time!
  13. by   DreamJob1976
    yup, that's what I am thinking as well... I have actually gotten pre-approved with Sallie Mae last year and they offered me a 8.5% interest rate.... It now went down further since the Fed's cut the rates again. They only negative (and positive) thing about the Sallie Mae loan is that it has a variable interest rate so it can go up significantly during the life of the loan. But, it will all work out.... :-) Are you nervous about taking out a large loan like this? I am ... I am actually really conservative when it comes to money so it really is a big thing for me to take out a large loan like this... But if I didn't, i would ALWAYS regret it.... It's the chance of a lifetime to do what I always dreamed of doing.
    I am also finishing up 3 pre-reqs at Front Range. Class just started 2 days ago... This semester is so different... I really do feel the pressure as I NEED to pass these 3 classes in order to be able to start Nursing school in July... Know what I mean?