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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   katie_c_s
    I just got a call from CSU-Pueblo and I'm going to be starting on Monday!! I was on the standby list and they called the day before orientation- crazy but awesome news for me. I'm super excited and I'm wondering if anyone else on here is enrolled in the same program? Or are any of you graduates of this program? If so, how are the classes and professors? I know it's going to be really hard, but I'm ready. I'm just so happy!

    Oops! Sorry for posting twice. I didn't mean to.
  2. by   Penny8611
    Congratulations! I was accepted to the nursing program there when it was the University of Southern Colorado in the early 80's. I got distracted by my current profession and am now working on getting back into nursing school.

    I haven't been back to Pueblo in about 15 years...I'm sure it's really changed. I looked at the school website, and the campus has REALLY grown. I still think the library looks like a martian ship.

    Best of luck!
  3. by   buckeye rose
    I'm in that program this year as well. Orientation yesterday and Thursday right?
  4. by   katie_c_s
    Yep I was at the orientation. I'm Katie from Salida. I got my apartment today so I'm really excited. I'll be moving up there tomorrow and I'll see you at class on Monday!
  5. by   Burnenup
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  6. by   CBsMommy
    Did anyone apply to PPCC? I applied for the Fall/Spring semesters and the wait is killing me! Anyone else here in the same boat? Would you rather do Fall or Spring semester?
  7. by   SunRose7
    I know PPCC just cut their waitlist recently, and I was finishing pre-reqs there last year until I found out that NJC in Sterling, CO had a semester wait! (Probably because no one wants to live out in the BFE of the Colorado plains!) I will be in the LPN program this fall for sure, they require that you only have AP106, Dietary, and English 121 I think (even though I already finished ALL my pre-reqs because of PPCC). You also have to have your LPN license here before you enter the RN program though! Good luck with that waitlist, hopefully youll be more patient than me! :icon_roll Are you actually on the list? Did they tell you how long you have to wait?
  8. by   CBsMommy
    Hi DandyAndi - I love the name btw!!! They are no longer doing the waitlist at PPCC and everyone that was on the waitlist is now competing for positions for the upcoming fall and spring semesters. They stated that 190 letters went out and I think that about 120 people have applied. They put 45 in each starting class so that would be 90 people getting accepted out of 120. They go by a points system now so a 4.0 would be 40 points, a previous degree would be an additional 10 points and 2 years hands on healthcare would be an additional 10 points for a possible 60 points possible. They did state that they didn't have very many 4.0 students and stated that the average GPA was 2.9. We finished applying April 13th but had until May 5th to take the TEAS and turn in the results.

    That being said, I am going crazy waiting for the letters to go out! I just want to know if I'm in and when so I can start making plans! I know, just be patient, but it's getting really hard!!!

    Good luck at NJC! I love the Colorado BFE plains! It's so quiet at night! I love it but can't move!
  9. by   SunRose7
    Holy moly! That makes me pretty glad that I didnt wait there! Strange, didnt Bethel get rid of their list too? I have family that still lives in the Springs sayin they did way with it too. It seems a little unfair though because when I worked at Memorial I knew some CNAs that had been on the waitlist for PPCC for almost 2 1/2years! Ill say a prayer for you though, good luck getting in the program -I know its stressful!
  10. by   bekindtokittens
    As a recent PPCC graduate, I just wanted to wish you luck too!
  11. by   CBsMommy
    Thanks DandyAndi and Be Kind To Kittens! Be Kind To Kittens - Did you like the program? They seem a little disorganized but I hear they have a good program. I'm just down Powers too, so I can't beat the location!
  12. by   bekindtokittens
    Oh yes, they are very disorganized, and their mantra to us students is "be flexible". Other than that, I do feel like I got a good education and I liked almost all my instructors.

    My only gripe is that the program is not nationally accredited. Of course, I only found this out in my last semester. Hell, I didn't even know there was a difference between being accredited by the state and nationally! PPCC is working on the national accreditation though, and they will probably be official by the time you graduate. But me, I'm finding my job opportunities, and the universities I can transfer to, are being slightly limited.
  13. by   CBsMommy
    Thanks for the info. I know they are working on getting nationally accredited and will hopefully be there by the time I graduate. I will keep my fingers crossed. I'm hoping they will make some changes so they are not as disorganized. I took a CNA class there and loved our class instructor but the clinical instructor was off her rocker! In fact, not one person in our class signed up for clinicals with her (which was really sad because she was really nice, but I didn't feel that I could learn anything from her)!

    Congrats on your graduation and good luck in moving on with your studies and getting a job. Is Memorial still doing the new grad program or is that only for UCCS students?