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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   salsaking
    The school only provides Sally Mae loans. If you can somehow get a personal loan for that amount then you would be fine.
  2. by   Satori77
    Quote from angels&heaven122
    Hi everyone!! I recently posted my questions concerning DSON, and I just wanted to let everyone know what I found out.
    I was extremely excited to hear, when I called to find out what pre-reqs I needed to take before applying, that they now include the pre-reqs in the programs. So instead of being six eleven week quarters, it is now eight. (this is for the associates degree) So basically, no waitlist, pre-reqs are offered/included, and its an all around plus! The only negative is the financing...which can be worked with! I talked to Jeff Johnson, he was very helpful and enthusiastic! He told me that the n-clex pass rate over the last few years is above 90%, higher than any community colege in the state! So I am really excited, I plan to meet with him in June, and start in October! Wish me luck!! I will continue to post!
    I actually just went on the Denver Board of Nursing website, and what he said about the nclex-rn pass rates aren't true. It says 2006 61.3% 2007 90.2% for the BSN Program and 2006 72.1% 2007 93.6% for the ADN program.

  3. by   albpreemieRN
    salsaking have you figured out financing yet? I am going to look into various private loans as well as sallie mae. I talked to Jeff today and he is sending out conditions of admission this week, so look into that!!
  4. by   salsaking
    What is condition of admissions? I have not figured out financing yet, it's looking hopeless for me.
  5. by   albpreemieRN
    You need to sign the conditions of admission to be accepted to the school. It's the step after they receive your application. I talked to Jeff about the Sallie Mae loan and he said to look at all other options too. I think it's $3000 as a down payment and $1600/mo.
  6. by   salsaking
    I have not sent in my application yet, he told me to hold off and just turn it in when I go and visit the school in a couple of weeks. the $3000 down and $1600 a month, is that if you pay by cash?
  7. by   albpreemieRN
    yes it's if you pay cash. I'm looking into finding a private loan that will pay me so I can pay the school.
    Let me know what you think of the school when you visit!!
  8. by   salsaking
    Are you sending your application through the mail because you are not local? Which program are you applying for?
  9. by   albpreemieRN
    I already sent in my application, I will be visiting the school in July. I heard A LOT of good things about DSoN so I'm not concerned. I'm appling for the Oct 08 BSN program.
  10. by   salsaking
    Cool, me too! Maybe we'll be classmates?
  11. by   albpreemieRN
    that would be cool if we were!
    Do you know if we can do any other type of loan? The only thing I worry about at this point is money.
  12. by   albpreemieRN
    Also can my fiance co-sign on the sallie mae loan since we aren't married yet?
  13. by   tsalagicara
    Hi ladies, sorry to say that I can't go to DSON after all. My mom doesn't want to be the co-signer for such a big loan, and I have no one else with great credit willing to co-sign with me. I wish there were other financial aid available, because it's a good school. However, for me, the Sallie Mae loan would have had a variable interest rate of 11%, and the payment after I graduate would have been about $520 a month. There's no way I can afford that, even as an RN, not with a child and several other bills to pay. It's too bad. I will be going to Concorde, however, for their LPN program. It's not cheap, but I will get full Pell grant for both financial years and Stafford loans, so that should cover it. Good luck to all of you that are DSON students and those considering going to DSON. I wish that others won't have as much financial difficulty with it as me. Best wishes to all future nurses!