License renewal-Peer Fee?

  1. I just renewed my RN license online. I think I paid $117 two years ago. Today the total was $164! There was the regular renewal fee of $139, an increase of approx 20%. Added to this was a Legal Defense Fund fee of $2 and a Peer Fee of $23. Can anyone explain these additional fees?
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  3. by   pfchang
    Well, I should have looked harder before I posted. The $23 fee goes for assistance for nurses with physical, emotional, psych and substance abuse issues.
    For Nurses
  4. by   imaox4
    I hate to sound harsh, but I do enough volunteer work in this area I really don't think it should be up to the Colorado Board of Licensing to extort money out of me during the process of charging me license renewal fees. I don't have a choice about renewing my license, so the $139 is a necessary evil.

    I think it's shameful for the state to take an extra $25 from me for something I shouldn't be forced to financially back. If they want to ask for donations, then okay. But to hold my license hostage unless I pay these extra fees is inexcusable.

    I can't think of another licensing board in the country that requires its members to pay for the rehab, psychiatric, etc, care for other licensed members. Can you imagine the outcry if the CO Dept of Education suddenly started charging teachers to subsidize the counseling care for teachers across the state? Outrageous!

    And if you try to remove the undesirable fees from your cart as they offer that you can, you'll find you cannot take out those "Legal Defense" and "Peer" fees without deleting your renewal ap. Foul, Board of Nursing - FOUL!
  5. by   SimonJester
    Wow, wife paid $113 two years ago and now its $166! There was a little note from DORA these fees are statutorily required and cannot be removed.

    It would have been nice if they had something on the renewal page about what these fees were for. Not to mention you cannot see the renewal fee until you start the renewal process make this whole thing seem really opaque.
  6. by   stagatha
    Right on. This is ridiculous. That is why people have insurance. That is also why many institutions provide mental health counseling for their employees. I smell a rat. More money for the government to spend. wastefully. I just renewed (2017) and am furious.

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