FRCC Larimer spring 2017

  1. Hi there,

    I am going to start nursing program at FRCC Larimer campus spring 2017.
    I just moved to Colorado last May and I am pretty much new to everything here.
    Luckily, I could transfer all my pre-reqs and done Hesi exam on time then I could apply.
    Just wanted know if there is anybody who is going to start same term with me!

    PS)Since I live in Thornton, it will be crazy to driving to the campus
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  3. by   Krista_19
    Hi! Congrats on getting accepted!!! Fort Collins is definitely a drive from Thornton. I will be starting the nursing program this upcoming Spring, but at the Westminster campus. I live in Louisville and have 2 boys, so the drive to Fort Collins wouldn't work for me. Did you get your first semester schedule yet? Where did you move from?
  4. by   reiny76
    Congrats to you too! I applied for the Westminster campus too, but since I am a transfer student, my points wasn't enough to get in. (they giving out so much points for credits taken at FRCC)
    It's only probably takes about 20 min to go Westminster campus from my house, I was very disappointed
    Yes, I know it will be difficult to driving that much every day, but I don't want to move again since I just moved here. I moved from Arizona and I lived in there about 4 years. I done all my pre-reqs in my Arizona college. I have one boy and he is going to be 10 years old in couple days
    I didn't get the first semester schedule yet, we are going to have boot camp on the January, and we will get schedule and infos about enroll classes. We supposed to meet on December, but it cancelled.
    How about you? Are you exciting to start the program? I am really scared
    Hope everything will be fine!
  5. by   Krista_19
    Thanks! I'm so excited for the journey that lies ahead for us!!! I'm sure it will be challenging, but we will get through it! It's better to stay put where you are and just deal with the commute. Moving a lot gets old. I did it for many years as a military spouse. Just take into account for possible delays due to traffic for your commute time and you will be fine. My boys are 6 and 7. Happy early birthday to your son! We have a meeting scheduled in December to go over the expectations of the program and then 2 more in early January. I do already have my schedule and list of supplies for the program. My classes for the upcoming semester are Fundamentals of Nursing, Pharmacology and Math for Clinical Calculations. I'm sure your schedule should be similar if not the same. I've knocked out all of the general education courses required for the program, so that I can be dual enrolled at a university to complete my BSN. I'm still looking around, but might do the program offered at Metro State.
    I have lived in Colorado for almost 4 years now and I love it. I moved here from Florida, but I'm a New Orleans native. I've never visited Arizona, but I do hear it is hot! Hope you're liking your move so far to Colorado!
  6. by   reiny76
    Thanks That's good that you already know your schedule and supplies. Now, I have to get all my immunization record and CPR license for the final admission. I have it but everything has to be valid through December 2018, so pretty much I have to do a lot of things before starting program.
    Yes, I think I will do the same classes on the first semester. I've also knocked out all the classes even for BSN program except nursing classes, can be little bit different depends on which university I will be going. I am living right next to the highway, so hopefully my commute won't be so bad
    Arizona is hot but it's not that bad because no humanity, I've been New Orleans one time when my husband stationed at Louisiana (when we were dating). I loved there, so energetic and loved their foods too!
    Thanks again! I wish you best of luck!!
  7. by   rock hopper
    Hey guys, my family just moved to CO, and i'm still working a job here in the south expected to move up there with them next year--provided I get accepted to a few nursing schools up that way.

    I think I'm good for DSoN, but concerned about the tuition cost. Do you think i'd have a good shot as an out of stater for the 2017 (Fall im assuming) cycle? I have a 2.7 overall gpa, BS in Psychology, CNA, tons of volunteer hours, etc. Just didn't know how they go about determining admission for applicants who aren't residents. Thanks!
  8. by   reiny76
    Hi, I moved here this May, and got accepted into the FRCC nursing school for spring 2017.
    I don't think non residency isn't going to be matter for the nursing admission, but the tuition will be different. I am new here, but luckily I am a spouse of Veteran, so I could apply in-state tuition even though I am not qualify for residency. (it has be one year)
    for the admission process, if you have many volunteer hours as CNA, FRCC Westminster campus giving out points for those (CNA license and volunteer hours), but the downside, they are also giving out so many points for credits taken at the FRCC for the pre-reqs.
    For the Larimer campus which I am going to be in, they have a different point scale, they don't give out any points for the CNA or volunteer hours, instead of they focus more on your GPA and Hesi score.
    I had 4.0 GPA on pre-reqs, and got more than 90s on Hesi Chemistry and Biology (they give you bonus points if you have more than 86 or 88 on these subjects).
    Hope everything will work out for you!
  9. by   rock hopper
    Thanks for the helpful information, reiny76!
  10. by   Krista_19
    Hello! I'm assuming that if you are looking into DSoN, that you will eventually reside around the Denver area. Your closet and cheapest option would be to apply to the FRCC Westminster program. They have the same prerequisite requirements as the FRCC Larimer program. However, their point system is much different from Larimer. You also don't need to take the chemistry and biology components of the HESI. For Fall 2016 admission, anyone with a 12 or higher got into the program. For Spring 2017 admission, anyone with an 11 or higher got in. Since you wouldn't have any credits taken at FRCC, so long as you have full points for everything else, you would be at an 11/15. It's worth a shot to apply.

    Arapahoe Community College could be your next best option. This campus is located in Littleton. Their HESI requirements are the same as FRCC Westminster, so you don't need chemistry or biology components. However, if you take the science components and score within their required ranges, you get points. Their point structure is actually a mix of FRCC Westminster and Larimer. It's primarily based on your HESI score and then it factors certifications, prerequisite GPA, and health care employment. Their prerequisite requirement is similar to FRCC, with the exception that you don't need microbiology to apply. I almost applied here until I made the drive to one of their informational sessions. It was too long of a drive for me, but I reside in Louisville so your situation might be different.

    Reiny76 pretty much summed up how FRCC Larimer works with their admission process. It will just depend on if you don't mind the drive or don't mind relocating.

    It will take a year to establish residency here to qualify for in-state tuition. If your family is already residing here, you would just factor a year from when they've moved to establish residency for yourself. I do believe that the out-of-state rates for the nursing programs at the local community colleges will still be cheaper than DSoN.

    Hope this all helps you with figuring out where to go from here! I know it's a lot harder getting all the information you need when you're out-of-state. Feel free to PM me if you have additional questions - I'm happy to help! Good luck and take care!
  11. by   rock hopper
    Wow! That was extremely helpful! Thank you so much definitely makes me feel more confident in applying somewhere in the state next year
  12. by   RNEMA
    I will be attending the Spring cohort as well. I moved last may from California and finally got my resident tuition. I have applied to both Westminster and Larimer hoping to stay in Fort Collins. I am glad I got into the Larimer program instead and not driving that far. I did get declined to the Westminster program short of 1 point. Just like Reiny76, I had 4.0 GPA in all my prerequisites with over 90% in the HESI. I did not gain enough point from being a transfer student to get into Westminster. The difference between these 2 programs is that Larimer requires you are dually enrolled into a BSN by the second semester (due to PVH/MCR policy to work with BSN enrolled students), but Wesminster does not require it. I hear that the schedule is a little bit all over the place.
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  13. by   RNEMA
    Hi Reiny, I meant to comment from your post! Welcome to Colorado. I also just moved out here last May. We are 45 so it is a big cohort.
  14. by   reiny76
    Hi, RNEMA! Finally see one person here who is going to attend same program with me
    I was hoping that get into the Westminster for me, because it's only 20min from my house.
    And its like 45min to the Larimer without traffic, I'm just hoping it won't be that bad once I get used to.
    Well congratulations and I think we will see on the boot camp on January!