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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective... Read More

  1. by   alex-molina
    Help!!!! I got into the October bsn completion program and so did my friend ... We are currently in Denver looking for apartments and can not find any either close to school ( with somewhat of a decent price) or away from school but next to the light rail..... If anyone knows any places please let me know!!! Thank you
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  2. by   novala32
    Could we personally speak about your experience? I am looking at starting the accelerated BSN in the fall (Oct. 1, 2012). Eventually, after getting a bit of experience in the field of nursing I want to pursue an NP degree as well. Did you have any trouble getting the BSN from a non-accredited school and then applying for the NP programs?

    Any advice would be appreciated, as I would be moving from Austin TX to Denver in a few months and having to obviously pay LOTS of money for that program (mostly in student loans) it would be helpful to have all that information now

    many thanks!
  3. by   novala32
    HI there! I start in October as well for the BSN program. I am looking for a roomie, do you need one or know anyone who does? i have found some great living options, very affordable, downtown near the school.

    thanks! talk soon i hope!
  4. by   alex-molina
    Hey @novala32 friend also got in to the school at the same smart date but our apartment hunting is not going to well. We can't afford much but are pretty open to having another roommate. E mail me at alexandramolina11@hotmail.comAny places you know of that are a decent price i would lov to hear about
  5. by   kloepper23
    I am also attending the program starting in October. I have lived in Denver and up in the mountains for about 5 years now. I just moved back down from the Vail area and my boyfriend and I found a great & affordable place in Olde Town Arvada. It is a REALLY cute area. It is not metro-Denver, but its only about 10 minutes from school. Plus, the light rail is scheduled to be completed in Old Town soon… which will be amazing.

    Here is the link to the apartment building. They are nice apartments, safe and affordable. 1-2+ bedrooms (I think). There is a cute little downtown area that is walkable - coffee shops, winery, bars etc.

    Water Tower Flats

    Let me know if you have any more questions or anything.


  6. by   kaiteelinn
    I just wanted to let you all know that yesterday DSN received notice from the NLNAC, and we got accredited for five years! Which is the max they will accredit you!!
  7. by   OakRNland
    Hey folks, I just graduated from Denver School of Nursing with my BSN and absolutely loved it! I had a wonderful education, the Student Nurses Association is very active in the school, the Didactic instructors I had were excellent! and they just got their NLNAC accreditation!!!! I graduated June 15th 2012 and got a job in California in Postpartum!!! I appreciated the caring faculty and staff at DSN, they always went above and beyond for me!!! Great School! if anyone has questions about the school, feel free to private message me.
  8. by   art_abbey
    Hi I will also be starting the OCT BSN program. I live in Loveland, CO and am thinking about commuting at least for the first quarter of school. I was just wondering if anybody else was thinking about doing the same thing in the Loveland-Fort Collins-Longmont area?? Maybe we can commute?

  9. by   Gabrielle2888
    I got into DSN as well however I have a prereq (at DSN) so I wont actually start until April. I start my prereq in Oct so I will be moving to Denver mid sept. I'm looking for a room mate or Room mates as well. Affordable rent..
    Please Email me
  10. by   Gabrielle2888
    I got into DSN as well however I have a prereq (at DSN) so I wont actually start until April. I start my prereq in Oct so I will be moving to Denver mid sept. I'm looking for a room mate or Room mates as well. Affordable rent..
    Please Email me
  11. by   the healer's art
    Is the Denver School of Nursing bachelor's completion program really 22 months? That seems so long compared to the other ABSN programs.
  12. by   kaiteelinn
    Most are 18 months, they get 1 week breaks. We get two week breaks. That is the difference. Also some have 10 weeks of didactic classes in a quarter whereas DSN has 11 week quarters.
  13. by   Nursedenver
    The program is actually 21 months long. We had 11 weeks in school with 2 weeks off in between, so each quarter is 13 months. We had a TON of lab and simulations that most of the faster programs don't require. I think those extra hours really prepared me for my first job and gave me alot of confidence in my skills starting out. On another note, my friends that are still in school at DSN told me that they heard that University Colorado Hospital hired a DSN grad for their bone marrow transplant oncology department. That NLNAC accreditation continues to open up more and more opportunities for us DSN grads. SWEET!

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