Centura Health online application "Considering" status. ??

  1. I recently aplied to centura health and now, the application status says "Considering"; Its been like that for 10 days. Anyone knows how long does it usually take for them to call, if they do choose me?
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  3. by   Sart45
    I applied for several CNA/Unit Secretary jobs at various Centura hospitals. I was on the Considering list for MONTHS. Eventually it changed to "Not Selected", "Job Closed" or other such responses. I was never called by anyone.
  4. by   JenniferSews
    Call them! Absolutely no reason you can't call and say "I noticed one of my applications is in considering status and wanted to see if you had any questions I could answer." I did this and they told explained that as a new grad there was very little chance I would be selected, but that my info had been sent to the unit. A few weeks later I got a phone interview from the HR lady for another position, I really think it was because I had called on the first application and stuck in her head.

    For positions I didn't call on, it was often a couple of weeks before it would go back to either not selected or job closed. None of them ever led to a job, but then again I am a new grad. Good luck!
  5. by   StarRN,BSN
    Thankyou J...I Called...and they said they had 8 different recruiters, there was no way of knowing who had my application, that I just had to wait for someone to call if I was selected. ....Oh well...and YES..I am a New grad too....AGAIN..Thank-you..
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  6. by   KRomney
    Wow, what a bummer. I got excited about the "considering" status over "not selected".