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Just seeing who has applied to the CU Nursing traditional program for a summer 2013 start. Has anyone been asked for an interview yet? I haven't heard anything yet. Thanks! Shannon... Read More

  1. by   PaytonJane
    Congrats Bird!
  2. by   bird8
    Thank you @PaytonJane - and congrats on your acceptance as well!
  3. by   Colorado Hopeful
    So I got the letter yesterday that I was rejected. I still can't believe it. During the last accelerated cycle I was call listed (alternate) and they were only accepting for 36 spots and interviewed 100. This time they interviewed 300 and were accepting for 186 spots. I also thought my interview went better this time because I felt better prepared for the types of questions they would ask.

    My overall GPA is 3.9 and I have a 4.0 in my prerequisites. The only thing that I can think of is that my interview did not go as well as I thought it did. At least I had already signed up for Pathophysiology as a backup plan for spring, so I can apply to at least 3 schools (CU, Publeo, and Metro State) next fall. Still, it is rather discouraging. Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm! And with 3 schools I should be able to be accepted somewhere.
  4. by   Colorado Hopeful
    Oh, and though I do not have a job in healthcare, I have been volunteering at a local emergency department since this February and have over 130 hours of volunteer time. I tried to relate my experiences with patients in the interview. I'm not quite sure where my application went wrong.
  5. by   PaytonJane
    I'm so sorry for your disappointment. That is really baffling with your credentials. My guess is that they assigned numerical scores to our GPAs, essays, and interviews, and then ranked us. I hope you keep trying. (hugs)
  6. by   Colorado Hopeful
    Thanks for the encouragement PaytonJane. I'm just guessing that the interviewers didn't like me. I will just have to keep trying for the next cycle! Congratulations on your admission!
  7. by   bird8
    @ColoradoHopeful - I understand. Last cycle I applied to only Regis and was rejected. Like you, I thought my interviewer was biased against me. This time I was accepted to every school to which I applied. Keep at it. When I got rejected, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach for a few days, then I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and tried again. Your luck will change
  8. by   Colorado Hopeful
    Next time will be my 3rd time applying, so hopefully I can get a more favorable interviewer. If I fail to get into CU-Denver a third time, I will hopefully get accepted to Metro State, Colorado Springs or Pueblo. It's just so disappointing because I was closer (call list) in the last application cycle and I really want to go to CU Denver. bird8, congratulations on your acceptance to all schools this time! I hope I will be in the same situation next year!
  9. by   bird8
    I hope so too
  10. by   kiralandis
    We should all remember that CU isn't the only can go to tech school and get your LPN and then do online courses to get your RN...probably a cheaper option too...
  11. by   marhys15
    Application for rn- clex NM...Can anyone help me or give me a suggestion? I'm planning to apply for new mexico rn nclex but the thing is I'm not sure if its necessary to have a licence first in our country for me to be able to apply at new mexico? Do new mexico state needs a license from the Philippines for me to qualified to take the exam?
  12. by   marhys15
    or give
  13. by   SMB13
    @bird8. Good luck with your decision and thanks for the info regarding Jefferson's program! How long did Jefferson give you to accept? I just received an interview invite =) I'm having a hard time deciding when to interview- flights are really expensive right now, but I don't want to wait too long in case the program fills up. Were they fine with you doing your interview over the phone? Thanks!