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Just wanted to see if there was anyone attending PPCC now or in the future? I've been going for a few years now and will be in the January 2008 class. :)... Read More

  1. by   bekindtokittens
    Quote from SLS7533
    Bekindtokittens, did you take Bio090 or request permission from the department chair to go straight into Anat & Phys?
    I did not take Bio 090, I took Bio 110, so your question had me running to the class list to see what Bio 090 is. I think Bio 090 and Bio 110 are the same class, because they told us Bio 110 would not transfer to a four year university. They must have renamed the class as 090 to make that more clear. I didn't even consider skipping the class. While I have worked hard and maintained a 4.0 in my college classes, I was a HUGE slacker in high school, got horrible grades, and remembered absolutely nothing from my high school science classes. I'm glad I took it, because the A&P's, Microbiology, and Patho all built onto the basic concepts taught in the class. I'd have been lost without it. But if you are comfortable with the concepts covered in Bio 090, I say go for getting permission to skip it if you can! It would get you one semester closer to getting on the wait list, that's for sure.
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    I forgot to add...if you want to take a BIO entry course that will transfer to a 4 year university, you can take Bio 111. I don't think it has any pre-reqs.
  3. by   SLS7533
    I will probably have to speak with an advisor. I took A&P in high school and did well, of course that was 10 years ago now. I took 3 quarters of Chem for my first undergrad degree but again that was 7 years ago. Thanks again!
  4. by   robynv
    Quote from bekindtokittens
    Yep, hostility from the other nurses, the CNAs, the unit secretary, etc. My clinical instructor tried to remedy the situation but things only improved a little. I can honestly say it was the only negative thing about the first semester. But boy it sure made my first experience EVER working in the medical field intimidating. And now I'm being told that my new clinical site is much the same. Argh!

    I had a hard time my first day just knocking on the patient's door and waking them up! You should have seen me, I looked like I was dancing...walking up to the door, shifting from foot to foot, stepping away...
    Shesh were those nurses cna's never students? what goes around comes around and fate can bite mean people back when they least expect....

    How funny! I can just see that. But actually waking someone up would be really hard I think!

    Continue to let us know how your classes are going, it is cool to hear about.

    I have to take Bio 090 too! Since I haven't taken it since high school and I graduated in 1990 (yes I am older than dirt) in fact none of my MA credts transfer so now I have to start over, and when I went to CC in 1992 it was too long ago to count so I have to take EVERYTHING over. Sheesh!

    I am in for the Spring Sem. taking Psch 101(pre req for Human Growth)
    Eng 121 and Bio 090
    I will take math 060 next time. I am bad at math and never learned algebra. I managed to graduate high school without it. At the time I was proud of my avoidence skills but now I see that served me well didn't it!! Oh to put the book under my pillow and wake up knowing algebra!!
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  5. by   bekindtokittens
    Hello, just thought I'd give an update to my fellow COS students on my second semester!

    I'm 4 weeks into my med/surg clinical, and well, it hasn't gone as smooth as first semester. There's been some conflict which has made this a stressful time. My stomach is in knots right now! I can't wait until this rotation is over. I'm hoping for a fresh start in OB/Peds. And UGH, my care plans, although a great way to learn, take FOREVER to write and still get me B's and C's.

    On a positive note, my clinical site is excellent, and I will be sad to leave the floor when this rotation is over. The nurses and other staff there are so welcoming to students and just provide a great learning environment. I gave an injection yesterday! We receive compliments about how helpful we are, and it just means so much to hear that from REAL nurses!

    That's all for now, but I'll write some more in a couple of weeks. Robyn, SLS, how did the nursing info meeting go, were you able to attend?
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  6. by   SLS7533
    Bekindtokittens--I did attend the info session on Monday night. I got a copy of the review sheet for the Bio 090 placement test, so I need to bone up on that and see if I can place out of the class. I got so excited after the meeting and it was a little deflating to think I'm still a year away from even signing up for the wait list. I actually just signed up to volunteer at Memorial Hospital to try and get a feel for the profession. I'm afraid of going back to school and racking up the debt if this isn't what I really want. So I'm hoping that will give me some more insight.

    Sorry to hear your current clinical is so stressful. But it sounds like you're really getting in there and getting experience. That seems exciting in only your second semester! Are the classes preparing you well for the clinicals? Thanks for the update and I hope things get better for you.

  7. by   robynv
    I went to the meeting as well. It was pretty much stuff I already knew from researching on this site and the ppcc one as well.

    I'm sorry things are not going well, whats wrong?
    Congrats on that injection! The first one is always so hard! I remember when I had to give a injection to a real pt. not a class mate for the first time. I thought I would pass out! But now I could give you Depo in my sleep. Doing a blood draw was much the same. In school everyone had great veins. But in the real world where I worked women had morning sickness and were not as hydrated as they could have been so finding a vein was soooo hard on some!

    Thanks for the updates, I enjoy reading about someone else's experinces. How is Psy 235? Any reccomendations on teachers?

  8. by   MikeInCO
    Bekindtokittens you stated:

    "The program has a good reputation overall and has a higher NCLEX pass rate than UCCS."

    While this may be true you have to look at the composite of the last several years and also what the stats on the BON site don't tell you is how many people actually sat for the boards. A school can have a higher pass rate then another school but yet have less people actually testing for their RN. That is a huge factor when comparing NCLEX pass rates. I am a PPCC student so I'm not putting them, you, or the nursing program there down by any means I just wanted to bring that point up because a lot of people say well this school or that school has a higher pass rate. But what they don't know is that the class started w/ say 60 people and then in the end only 20 finished and sat for the test
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  9. by   eve5483
    ME! I just finished my A&P2 !! (Larry's class)
    Now I have Microbiology and Psy235 left...
    I cannot wait to get into REAL nursing program
    Good luck !!
  10. by   robynv
    Im taking A and P 1 and psych 235 this summer. i'm a bit worried, any advice for that class/ teacher (threllfall? not sure how to spell it) would be great....really tips on how to surivive that class!
  11. by   eve5483
    yeah I forgot how to spell his name too, but we call him Larry (which is his middle name, duh lol) I strongly recommand you to take the tutor class if u can. It was extremely helpful for me, seriously I would fail without it! I ended up getting B.Howevery I am satisfied with it. Muscle part was tough for me...I know it's scary but just memorize EVERYTHING what HE TELLS YOU TO. everything is on his notes and his DVD, u will be fine good luck!!!!
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  12. by   bekindtokittens
    Hello thread!

    Mike, you're right about the NCLEX, but it is nice to see PPCC with a decent pass rate, isn't it?

    Robyn, you'll be glad to have Larry as your teacher. What I liked most about his class was that he did not test on anything that he did not lecture about. So if you attend class and take good notes, you're doing good. In fact, I have a ton of notecards I made for his classes, both A&P I and II, just laying around taking up space. PM me if you'd like to have them, maybe we could meet somewhere!

    I finished up second semester this week, thank goodness. I enjoyed my time in Med/Surg, but ehh, not so much in OB/Peds. Working with pregnant women was okay, but I was very uncomfortable with the Peds part. I had never even changed a diaper before that clinical! I'm just glad it's over. Now I can look forward to Psych and more Med/Surg in the fall, woohoo!
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  13. by   robynv
    well sure i'd like your notecards! I'll pm you about that. I'm headed up to school today to buy my books for the class and for growth and devopment which i'm taking online.

    Any details on your experience this semester you'd like to share? If not thats ok, but I do like hearing from someone "in the moment". In particular what did you get to do in OB? Do you learn cervix checks? I don't blame you about peds, seeing sick kids would get me down.

    Nice to hear from you!