Any information on UC Denver NP program for fall 2018

  1. I am starting this thread for NP program at UCD for fall 2018
    Is anyone out there who has received reply from UCD for fall NP program.
    I applied for PMHNP for fall 2018 cohort and have received email last week that I will be contacted sometime in mid January.
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  3. by   Notnicetofib
    I also applied, for the AC-AGNP program starting in fall 2018. I know it's not mid-Jan yet but I keep checking my emails like crazy!
  4. by   oceanblue52
    How had the application process been for PMHNP? Thinking about applying in the Fall...
  5. by   emkaytae
    For PMHNP and many more you can apply at Nursing's Centralized Application Service (NursingCAS)
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  6. by   JChamp
    Yep- same here. Been checking my email at least twenty times a day. Anyone heard back yet?
  7. by   Notnicetofib
    Have not heard anything. It's definitely past mid January now, right?
    I'll post as soon as I do hear something!
  8. by   Notnicetofib
    Got my email for interview today!!!
  9. by   emkaytae
    I am checking my emails like crazy!
  10. by   PsychRN91
    I was told that the PMHNP program was delayed and that we should hear by the end of the week!
  11. by   PsychRN91
    Just got an email for an interview! I also applied for the PMHNP track. Good luck guys!
  12. by   emkaytae
    I got sorry letter
    I dont know how bad my position was. I had 3.7 at ADN and 4.0 in BSN. Other things were also perfect.
    Any input/comment please so I can correct
  13. by   PsychRN91
    Emkaytae- I'm not really sure since I don't know all your specs. Do you have psych nursing or other psych experience? I would say call them up and ask what can make you a more competitive applicant. So sorry!
  14. by   littlefeets
    Hi! I applied for the nurse midwifery MSN program and I'm interviewing as well

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