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  1. okay,
    When I was younger and my parents were still married we lived in CS and then moved to Ft.C my father was an engineer at HP and my mother worked at the local walmart. Despite their non medical jobs they do have medical backgrounds and they were part of SARDOC training Dogs in Ft. C (this is what started my interest in EM)
    then the big D happend and was moved (against my will ) to where else MISSOURI:angryfire!! UGGH anyway now that I am on my own I am beginning to seriously think of moving back to the big CO. I would like to live in a smaller town but not too small as I am a nurse and the Husband to be is going through fire acadamy. What is the job outlook for the BOTH of us? He loves being outdoors and He's the type that would enjoy the forest service but I personally do not know the job demand for that since it seems to be pretty popular I would like to stay out of the Denver area and close to either CS or Ft. C (im more familiar with these two) if possible. but it has been about 5 or 6 years since I last visited.

    ALSO I may need some help persuading my HTB to move away from his psyco mother to such a wonderful paradise! I think I almost have him but a little help would not hurt LOL It will be atleast another year and a half so that I may get through LPN school.

    Any suggestions????
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  3. by   hope3456
    I'm in FC - pretty much the only place you can work as an LPN around here is in the LTC facilities. Even for RN's - it is somewhat competitive to get hired into acute care, esp as a 'new grad.' And jobs with the police, firefighters, ect. are also competitive......the job market in this area stinks.
  4. by   Nurse2bducky86
    What about other places in CO?
    Also what are the LTC's like in CO, I know missouri has a sucky heathcare plan in general which trickles down to the LTC facilities and thats why they suck so bad. I will have a year of med surg experience as a CNA before we move so will that mean anything?
    also what are some good schools if i do move to CO before I bridge to my RN or even more what about schools that offer a BSN program.
  5. by   HeartJulz
    Im originally from CO but have been living in CA since 1994. Im going to visit my family this yr and thought about talking to someone @ the hospitals over there for just my own curiosity. Most of how Ive been doing my research is through google.com and also maybe look up the chamber of commerce ... maybe try colorado hospitals.. anything you can think of. Im originally from Grand Jct. and I know there are 2 hospitals there. I still have friends there and they tell me they are adding onto to the hospitals so that means they will need moer nurses... but its colorado and they are slowwwwwwwwwwww with ANYTHING so they told me its going to take 8 YEARS to finish one fo the newset hospitals ... GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!! I love CA... its a rat race and ppl are rude... but for the most part it works for now.. but eventually I may uproot again sooon myself!!!!! good luck ..