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  1. Wassup guys Im a 12 yr LPN whos done it all,correctional nursing, Nurse management, med-surg/tele/ LTC, IMC etc. Looking to move to the CO Springs area in JUne. Any help on houses for rent, jobs etc would be greatly appreciated...
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  3. by   hope3456
    I live in the northern part of CO so I'm not the expert - but if you are brave enough for correctional nursing, the state penitentary isn't to far away from Co Springs in Canon City. My ex-coworker went there to work and it sounds like he is happy with it - with a very good pay rate.

    What is IMC nursing? And what brings you to CO? Just curious=-)
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  4. by   MUSA91C
    IMC is an ICU step down. My wife wants to move out there, but I need a good paying job where I can work like 60-70 hrs a week..
  5. by   DizzyLizard
    COS is mixed with work. There are two primary hospitals in town with both of them opening up new hospitals in the near future. Memorial Hospital was trying to phase out LPNs but I don't know if that actually went through. I believe some of their outpt centers use LPNS. I don't know about Penrose hospital. Who knows what the new hospital will involve with employement. There is a LTAC hospital that employees LPNs. Lets see, there's a rehab hospital that also utilizes LPNs. Of course, a good majority of SNFs employee LPNs as well as doc ofcs. Depending on where you live in the Springs the commute to a town south of COS called Pueblo is maybe 40 min. or so. I'm sorry but I don't know what employement opportunities are avail there. North of COS is Denver. The commute can be as little as 50 min. There are a couple of hospitals on the southern outskirts that employee LPNS. If you work in Denver but live in COS there is something called the FREX bus. It is a shuttle bus that takes you from COS to Denver for a small fee. I did it for years and loved it because I didn't have to drive, especially in the winter. Here are some websites that might help you with the job search.
    SpringsJobs.com : The Gazette lists the jobs based on the local COS paper.
    Find Local Jobs & Employment Listings - FlipDog Job Search,
    Colorado Springs Area job search and jobs posting. Find a high quality employee. Find the perfect job., and
    Colorado Springs jobs - Colorado jobs - Denver jobs - Aurora jobs - Lakewood jobs - Fort Collins jobs - Arvada jobs - Pueblo jobs - Westminster jobs - Boulder jobs - Thornton jobs - Greeley jobs

    Good luck!
  6. by   DizzyLizard
    :smackingfAlmost forgot, you can also look at agency work. They are always looking and it would allow you to scout out what's avail and of interest.