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My husband and I are moving from CA to CO in the summer and I am trying to look into the nursing schools throughout the state to determine where I might be able to get in. I applied to the nursing program here and have waited 2 years, (it's a lottery system out here.) :banghead: I am just overwhelmed with info and really don't know where to begin. I have heard of the Denver School of Nursing, does anyone know how many people apply/get in? Silly question... what is an LPN? We don't have those in CA, I assume it is similar to an LVN. I read on this page somewhere that CO has recently changed nursing admission criteria? Is that all over the state, or select programs? Any info at this point will be very helpful...



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It really varies school to school ti seems just from what I have read here. At my school they do a wait list system, they are going more competitive but they don't think that will be up and running until 2011. As of right now for Front Range Community College-larimer campus their are 2 wait list, one for people with a previous BA and others. We only have a Rn or LPN-Rn bridge program, (from reading on these boards I am guessing LPN and LVN are same thing??)

If you don't have a previous degree you can't apply for the nursing program until you meet all your Pre Reqa which are MicroBiology, A&P 1 and 2, English 101 (the number is different here in CO I can't remember what it is here but it's entry level college english) Psychology Developmental Lifespan

You have to get your Fingerpring and back round check done as well and have a 2.5 cumalitive GPA in the Pre Req courses.

As of right now the waitlist is 2-2.5 years but that can change when it goes more competitive which will most likely be a point system based on grades and various other things.

The best thing to do is to probably go to various college websites in the area you will be at and search nursing on the website and get the specs for each school, since it does vary so much.

Best of luck to you!

The WL used to be 3-3.5 years which is what I have waited. I start the Program this August and I got on the WL in March 2006.

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