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Colleges that will accept student who retook A&P I


I am currently enrolled in a community college trying to get into their nursing program, but unfortunately A&P I really screwed me up and the program did not allow any retakes. The first time i took it i withdrew, the second time i got a C-, i retook the class and got a A- the third time. My current GPA is a 3.4. I dont want to give up my dream of becoming a nurse but it seems like i dont have a choice anymore. :arghh:

I will graduate after Spring'15 with a associates degrees in liberal arts and currently i am looking for schools with nursing programs to transfer to that will accept my situation but it seems like none of the colleges i looked at are willing to take students who got below a C and retook A&P I. I not sure what to do anymore. Seems like there's no hope of me becoming a nurse since i screwed up.

Please feel free to leave any advices and/or any colleges that will accept transfer student who retook A&P I! Thanks

Hey! I see the dilemma. Personally, I think the only chances of getting into a nursing program is to start from the beginning. I know that's not what you want to hear nor what you want to do. But in order to reach your goal of becoming a nurse I think that's the only route you can take. Another route you can definitely take is graduating from your current school with your bachelors, not your associates. That way, you can get into an accelerated nursing program, which are a minimum of 1 year long max of 2. I think taking the extra year or two to finish your bachelors and then looking into an accelerated nursing program might be your best bet.

Also, even though a lot of schools take transfers, nursing transfers are the hardest to transfer. They might accept you into the program, but they usually 99% start you from the beginning, at least with the nursing classes / science pre reqs to get into nursing classes. It honestly depends on the school but majority of the time that's what they end up doing - I failed a nursing class and tried to transfer and tons of schools don't accept other schools nursing classes. I was a junior and tried to transfer, but because no one (NY and NJ area) would accept me back as a junior, or even a sophomore, I just decided to change my major and graduate with my bachelors. I did an accelerate program right after graduation.

You said you screwed up and thats okay. At least you're owning up to it! But keep in mind if you can't pass a basic science pre req a lot of schools might look down on that. Think of it was a test to see if you have what it takes to be in their nursing program. If you graduate with your bachelors, they'll never really know you were trying to do pre reqs for nursing. Think of it as a clean slate! From there you can go right into an accelerated or even an associates nursing degree.

Don't give up on you're dream though. As long as you try and get there that's all that matters. Even if you're 40 trying to get into nursing, it'll be worth it in the long run. Let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!