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Hi, I'm in the process of completing paperwork, and I'm confused about the order of my patient's diagnoses. They are ineffective denial, Hopelessness, and low-self esteem

I am confused, too. We're you given no other information to sort it out?

Yes, I changed the diagnosis.

I've also done an alcohol work up.

What am I supposed to say in the work up to do a rule out about my patient using benzodiazepine? She denied the use of benzodiazepines, but my instructor still wants me to do a work up. There wasn't a urine sample to support the usage either. Her medications were citalopram, melatonin, gabapentin, benztropine mesylate, trazoclone, and olanzapine. Signs and symptoms include:

citalopram: depression symptoms

melatonin: insomnia

gabapentin: withdrawal symptoms-insomnia, psychomotor agitation, anxiety

benztropin was mesylate: eps-dystonia

trazoclone: depression symptoms

olanzapine: depression symptoms

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In all likelihood, the trazodone is being used primarily as a sleep aid. It hasn't been a front line antidepressant for many years, but its sedative properties plus its antidepressant properties have made it a popular choice for depressed patients who have trouble sleeping. It is seldom used as monotherapy for depression, and I note that it isn't in this case.

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