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Ican someone please tell me if I missed deadline for applying at Fsw for the nursing program? It shows two different dates on their website. May 15 and May 21st. I am so frustrated right now. I have completed my AA at Broward College and was interesting in paying with FSw in fort Myers or Naples. Can someone help?


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Why don't you just call the admissions office and ask?

Looking at the website for Florida SoutWestern State College (assuming that's what FSW stands for) it does appear that the deadline for application for the Fall semester was May 15. I see nothing with a date of May 21.

If you have conflicting information then it would be wise to contact the campuses directly to inquire. They could have different deadlines based on program, campus, or even could have extended the deadline if all available seats were not awarded.


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Thank you for your response. I actually went over there today; spoke with someone in the admissions office and she said if I need to start in August the deadline to apply is August 1st which I don't believe. I could not speak with anyone in the nursing department today because I didn't have an appointment (per admissions) I was given a phone number to call, I did and left a message. I will try again tomorrow. Thank you soon much!

August 1st sounds correct... remember that you have to apply and be accepted to the college and then apply and be accepted to the school of nursing separately. Thus August 1st may be the deadline to be admitted to the College not the school of nursing.


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I got it. It all makes sense now. I just went back and read it again. It shows May 15th....I hope that I could just change the but it is all good. Everything happens for a reason! I will apply for January. Deadline is October 15. Thanks again