College freshman seeking advice-lpn or not?



I'm a college freshman a FAU. I want to do the nursing program but I have to finish 30 credits than wait a year until I can get accepted to the program. I'm currently doing my pre reqs a&p's psych, soc., enc 1101 and 1102, and some humanities.Im starting liberal arts(it was recommeded by an advisor).I've been here for a year already. I'm confused on what to do? Should I keep going at this pace or should I go for LPN than go for RN?If so, what are the pre reqs for an LPN program? I'm just confused and I really dont want to waste time and money? A little help please...:icon_roll


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Most LPN prgrams don't have pre-reqs well atleast not in Jacksonville. Excuse my ignorance but what does FAU stand for? Personally I want to do what ever will get me into nursing sooner. You could do the LPN, then finish up your pre-reqs for the RN program while working as a LPN. But I would definately look at if there is a demand for LPN's where you live cuz here in Jax most hospitals don't hire LPN's they mainly work in LTC facilities.


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Okay thanks, I'll look into that. By the way it stands for Florida Atlantic University.

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