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College of central Florida - Fall 2020

Hi everyone! Has anyone else submitted an application for the college of central Florida ASN in Ocala? Let me know your stats 🙂

here’s mine:
I think I calculated around 49 points.
2.89 overall GPA

81.3% on TEAS

3.45 prereq GPA

Hi, I also applied for the Fall 2020 term. I’m not exactly sure what my points are because at first I calculated 48 but then I recalculated this morning with my co-req classes included and I think I should have 53 points, that is if I calculated my nursing GPA correctly. Unfortunately, I got a 77.3 on my TEAS.

Are we supposed to calculate with the co-reqs? I’m not sure how that works but I’ve taken all classes.

I think so, because it comes out to 33 credits with the co-reqs included.

Have you gotten a letter/e-mail from CF yet??

No, but I think it’s supposed to be this week because the application said that letters should be sent out within 4 weeks of the application deadline.

I emailed and they said we will hear first week of July. I had classes in progress but gave it a shot anyway. About 43-49 points if I do the math right...once they did my transcript audit to include only classes needed for the program. 76.8 on TEAS because I took it fast without all the science knowledge needed haha. 3.52 GPA due to an old old nutrition C from 2009. I applied with MCB, both anatomy’s, plus stats...all in progress. All A’s for everything in progress. We should hear this week!

Thank you for that information! I was getting a little worried, the anticipation is killing me. I honestly don’t know if I have 49 points or 53 points, I got two different calculations based on whether they take my grade for college algebra or statistics. Good luck to you!

I know. Mine is a range also. Advisor told me it’s less likely because do the amount of classes in progress but never know! I do know first week on July per email from the secretary who takes in and sends out letters. Please post when yours arrives!

Does anyone know when school would start?

I’m assuming in August but I’m not entirely sure.

Yea I think mid August or so

Were any of you admitted to the program? I am about to apply and am interested to know what the accepted points range was for Fall.

I was selected as an alternate candidate but I honestly don't know if I had 49 or 53 points. I am reapplying for Spring 2021 since they give you an extra 5 points for re-applying.


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