College of the Canyons (COC) Nursing Program/ ADN Fall 2024

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Hi there! I just wanted to start this forum for any students who may have applied to College of the Canyons (COC) fall 2024 cohort.  


Hi! Good luck to everyone. I will be checking the forum next week in hopes of hearing back from the school! 🙂

They just emailed a status update for those who are eligible to either take the TEAS or send first attempt TEAS! 

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My sister-in-law got an email stating that's Shes eligible for selection to save the orientation date. Not sure what that means, But I haven't taken my TEAS 7 exam and didn't receive and email to test.

I got an email saying I'm eligible for selection. I applied last semester so they already had my TEAS score. Does anyone know how the selection works? It says they use multi criteria for ranking and randomn selection?

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So I have an update. Sister in law stated, she received that before and still didn't chosen for the class. Also, I received an email that I'm eligible for the next step with COC to take the TEAS exam on 19th of this Month with them. 


Guys, they sent out an email, I'm an alternate 🥹

I got accepted today but I'm declining. I accepted my offer to attend Mount Saint Mary's so that will open up a spot for someone. Good luck to all!!!

Accepted! This was the top choice. I am considering this versus SBCC. 

Mimibaby said:

Guys, they sent out an email, I'm an alternate 🥹

Congrats! What alternate number are you? 

Logo18 said:

Congrats! What alternate number are you? 


Hi everyone!
Does anyone know what the schedule looks like for the first semester? Like how many days out of the week would we be on campus/clinicals. Trying to figure out what my work schedule will look like

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