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Was wondering if anyone could help tell me what algebra course I need?

I have already taken basic and intermediate algebra thru a community college. Will excelsior accept these as credit or no? I seen on this forum were someone said they accepted intermediate and basic. Lord knows I don't wanna take college algebra if I don't have to. Lol

I also have a Comp 1 credit from the community college. I'm guessing that will fulfill that requirement???

Thanks for the help!!!

Hi Crazyts,

I think it is likely they will accept your Algebra... best way to be sure is to contact an adviser, and/or have the transcript sent in!

Your second question 'Comp 1'.... is that English 101? A 3 credit course?


Yes it was English 101. And the Algebra was Elem and Int Algebra.

And I was going to try to get my transcripts sent to them Monday. Someone from Excelsior called me Friday and was supposed to send me and e-mail with information but I haven't received the email yet.

And I thought I read on here that they wouldn't tell you what pre req's was needed untill the enrollment fee was paid??? Is that right??

Thanks for the help also, when it comes to reading all these posts my mind starts going crazy, and I don't have a lot to work with up there LOL

Lucky you... already finished English 101! I'm struggling through it on Straighterline. It's not that hard, but very tedious.

Definitely get your official transcripts and have them sent. Have you applied yet? Once you apply, they will do a preliminary review of your credits, and let you know what else you need. Also, Excelsior's website has the degree chart, showing what is required for each ADN degree. Here is a link:

There are a LOT of posts here, but also a LOT of very valuable information, from people who have taken the journey... it is worth reading! Good luck!!

I took that class in like 2003. Lol. Along with a lot of computer graphics classes. I was all into computers at that time. That's when I did the algebra too. Then withdrew from college algebra twice. That crap is HARD!!!

I'm going to try and enroll into excelsior next wkend. I think I'm fixing to go thru a job change and i dont think im going to have as much free time and I wanna make sure I need the courses before I take them.

What other classes have u taken thru straighterline? I was thinking about A & P with them???? Maybe???

Have you applied yet? Last year, it was taking 3-4 weeks, but this year... I heard of someone that got their preliminary review in about a week!

The Eng 101 is the only class I am taking through Straighterline... however, I know someone that took their A & P, and liked it. Also, I have seen posts here from others that have taken it, and liked it. Be sure to go to their website and do the 'free trial'... it will give you an idea of how it works, PLUS... after the free trial expires, they will send you a coupon code for a free class! The usual price is $99/month for every month you use it, plus $39 a class. The coupon will either give you just one free class, or buy one, get one free. I had hoped to complete Eng101 in the first month, but that isn't going to happen...

I used another online service for Math... ALEKS. I liked that a lot! I took Beginning College Algebra, and it is now on my ACE transcript. I used Penn Foster for Information Literacy, also on my ACE transcript. I took a CLEP exam for Human Growth & Development... that was great. After Eng101, I'm going to do Micro... I have a bunch of different study materials for that, and I will take the Excelsior exam...

My intention is to enroll before October 1... if I can complete Health Safety and Transitions before then, all the better!!

Good luck to you!!

If I'm reading all the posts right that if u enroll after oct 1st then only 7 credits will be transferable. But if we enroll before oct 1st then they all will transfer.

Is that right?

That is what is says on Excelsior's website:

School of Nursing limits credit acceptance -

However, my biggest concern is the sciences that I took, more than 5 years ago, will no longer be accepted:

Associate Degree in Nursing Admission and Curriculum requirements -

The other big change is not being able to take Health Safety prior to enrolling, which may or may not be an issue for people...

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