RN "Super Union"

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  3. by   Slobgob
    I got a brochure for the "super union" here in Hawaii. Not sure what Hawaii Nursing Association has to do with it though.

    Well... maybe we're part of UAN? Who knows... our union tends to suck.... errr... is slightly, just barely incompetent.

    I guess this is good?
  4. by   HM2VikingRN
    Get involved and make things better.....
  5. by   Slobgob
    Quote from HM2VikingRN
    Get involved and make things better.....
    Ahhhh... the battle cry for the ages.

    Sometimes you just have to give up.

    If I bought a Ford 10 yrs ago... I could certainly have gotten involved in my car's maintenance and repairs. I could have spent countless hours learning how to fix every little problem. I could have poured thousands of dollars into new parts. I could have devoted a good chunk of my life into making that Ford a reliable, trusted steed.

    Or I could have bought a Toyota.

    I wish my union was made in Japan. =)
    I wonder if Providence Hospital in DC is still union free?

    They fired 3 when for suggesting a union years ago and the CEO said more to follow if any union talk would start again.
  7. by   FLOBRN
    Wow.... may I ask who your union is?

    to Slobgob
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  8. by   Slobgob

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  9. by   JeanRoss
    i have great news! on monday, december 7 the yearnings of nurses across our nation for a more powerful national movement of direct care nurses will move from a dream to a reality.

    the day has come, the founding convention of our new rn superunion, the largest, most influential union and professional organization of rns in american history -- national nurses united -- unifying 150,000 members of three great organizations, my own united american nurses, the california nurses association/national nurses organizing committee, and the massachusetts nurses association.

    i'm also pleased to report that last ditch legal maneuvers by a small minority to stop this historic process have failed. a united states district judge in chicago thursday rejected efforts by a small uan grouping to block our convention, upholding the clear decision of the vast majority of uan members who voted overwhelmingly this fall in favor of consolidation and affiliation with the nnu. democracy has prevailed.

    the moment could not be more exciting, the opportunity before us, to united rns throughout the nation, promote and defend nursing standards and patient care protections, expand the voice of rns in congress and state capitols, could not be more promising.

    as minnesota nurses association president and uan director linda hamilton rn, put it after our uan assembly, "together we will be an unstoppable force for defining and creating a new future for the nursing profession and patient care."

    we have a vital, and ambitious agenda, passing national legislation to establish safe hospital rn staffing ratios and safeguard the role of rns as patient advocates, coordinating national efforts to defend our standards and our profession, and achieving collective representation for tens of thousands of non-union nurses.

    i am very confident that with the vision, the dedication, the experience, and the collective strength embodied in our proud new organization, we will be up to the challenge and the task!

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    jean ross is co-president of new union. nrskarenrn
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  10. by   PICUPNP
    With this type of push for unionizing nurses, I'm glad to live in Right-to-Work state where, hopefully, unions will have a hard time gaining a foothold.
  11. by   justice4peace
    Sounds like PICUPNP has swallowed the hospital management's talking points hook, line, and sinker. I, for one, can not wait for bedside nurses to start taking back the power that was rightfully ours in the first place. Bedside nurses protect patients; Not hospital administrators. Onward National Nurses United!!!
  12. by   PICUPNP
    Why is it that any time a person disagrees with unions they are automatically in mgmt's pocket? Unions aren't even a second thought by nurses and mgmt in the hospital where I work. I find it humorous that the ONE hospital in Texas theat the cna/nnoc managed to unionize is already in the midst of getting rid of them. That doesn't say a lot about your stuper union.
  13. by   laborer
  14. by   herring_RN
    Present at the birth: The National Nurses Movement

    ...The business meeting this morning became more of a festival as the delegates from across the country voted unanimously to establish our constitution, confirm our officers and declare the existence of our new organization.

    We had the thrilling experience of hearing from one of the greatest speakers in the American Labor movement: Stewart Acuff of the AFL/CIO. Stewart's speaking style comes out of the great tradition of southern church oratory and he outdid himself today. He had that room full of nurses on our feet over and over, chanting, roaring approval and often with tears in our eyes. ...