Nurses Reach Agreement; Strike Canceled

  1. More than three years after its nurses voted to join the California Nurses Association, Queen of the Valley Medical Center and its RNs have reached a tentative agreement on a three-year contract...
    Queen of the Valley and nurses reach agreement; Napa strike canceled | American Canyon News |
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    Providence St. Joseph Health nurses reach agreement
    Successfully concluding a lengthy dispute, registered nurses at one of the nation’s largest Catholic health chains, Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH), Monday won historic tentative agreements for their first ever union contracts at Queen of the Valley in Napa and Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna, as well as new agreements for St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka and St. Mary Medical Center in Apple Valley, California Nurses Association/National Nurses United (CNA/NNU) announced today...

    ... Key features in the tentative pacts include staffing improvements to promote patient safety, economic improvements to promote retention of experienced RNs and recruit new nurses, and critical healthcare protections, including a new RN supplement package for nurses injured in workplace violence or by needle stick accidents. Highlights include:
    • Safe staffing provisions — including staffing according to patients’ severity of illness or injury, rather than to an arbitrary grid.
    • Establishment of a Professional Practice Committee (PPC) of elected bedside nurses to track staffing and better advocate for patients.
    • Guaranteed meal and rest breaks to fight nurse fatigue which, according to many studies (including a 2006 study in the American Journal of Critical Care) can compromise patient care — and can negatively affect nurses’ health and safety...
    Providence St. Joseph Health nurses reach agreement
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    This is fantastic. I hope we see more successes like this in the future.