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I am studying to take COHN exam in April........aaaghhhh. Anyone else embarking on this or am I the only crazy one? Any tips. I have made up index cards with little tidbits of infor and review them daily. I will be going to Chicago to take the exam.


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I took the exam last year in San Francisco... What I did to prepare was the Bonnie Rogers review class at UNC. It was a really good overview of what to expect on the exam, however, like with any test, you never know what they will throw at you... Other than that three day class, I wasn't able to study much on my own... Somehow I managed to do pretty well... Fortunately, I am a good test taker...

I think the best advice is to just relax, and give it your best shot...

Best of Luck...



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I'm interested in finding out more about the COHN exam, and the requirements for it. Anyone care to share or give me any ideas? I'd appreciate it.

Kay Shepard

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Annette, I am almost 100% certain that the minimum requirement for Certification in Occupational Health Nursing (COHN) is an RN license. Contact the certifying board at for more information.


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How did you do on the certification exam? A friend of mine just took it in St Louis at the AOHP conference and I plan to take it in May in KCMO. Any tips? DQ


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When I looked into this, you had to have so many hours of Occ Health in AND your CEUs in BEFORE you took the test. My other certification (CRRN) requires the CEUs after you pass and that is a PIA enough. I'm still interested but have enough hoops to jump through with the Rehab people.

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