Code and Death on My 1st Day on Own

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Yep, first day off orientation my pt coded and died. OMG it was awful. Nothing could be done the pt was really sick. However I was mortified. Handled it fine but seriously I just want my ACLS as I hate not knowing what to do or not even really being able to do anything but compressions.

2nd day was great. Let's hope for a relaxed 3rd day. Geez.


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Oh dear, well at least it happened early on for you. Some of our new nurses just wait in fear of their first death. Sounds like you handled it really well :) One thing I really like about critical care is the vast amount of knowledge that you will have on the unit at any one time. Always people who have ACLS, knowledge on different equipment etc.

I can relate to you though, on my first night shift as a qualified nurse their was 4 deaths... horrific! (elderly care and only 1 my patient i'd like to add)

Sorry you had a rough first day....but glad you aren't completely falling apart. I always thought it was weird to not require ACLS as a requirement for working in critical care, or at least before you are on your own. I remember feeling panicked about the 'not knowing what to do' in regards to codes...hope that you can get into a class soon! And sounds like you are doing great job, hope the rest of your week is going well.

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