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Cochran School of nursing Fall 2020

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Hello All!

I noticed that there wasn't a thread for this year so I wanted to start one.

I live in near Hartford, CT and I'm 25 and I want to start a career in Nursing.

I have a BA in Psychology with a low undergrad GPA of a 2.51 😞

So I'm taking the longer route to eventually become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

I do have a high pre-req GPA due to class retakes at several community colleges and I've also completed all of the pre-req requirements too. 

Teas score of 76, and experience as Americorps state member at a health education site with 1700 hours.

Im hoping to take the kaplan test soon so any advice would help too! Admissions stated that they would give me a May 19 or 20th test date. 

Anyone know when we will hear back from admissions after taking the test?

Also what score is competitive?

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