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Any comments appreciated...I am a CWOCN practicing in MI, 3 yrs in acute care, 8 yrs RN, looking to advance but SO confused on next step. Can't afford to stop working FT, no help tuition wise from hospital, but looking for the quickest, less expensive route to advanced practice prescriptive authority. Can I go from MSN in nursing education to Cwocn-ap? I have been to wocncb document, still confused, any real life experience? I will be 55 this year... Thanks in advance


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Does some of the prescriptive authority depend on the state where you live? I know a CNS who can't write scripts here in our state. That would probably be the first thing I'd determine? According to the link below I don't believe a MSN in nursing education qualifies. They list nurse midwives, CRNA's, Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Eligibility for Advanced Practice Certification - Wound Care Certification - WOCNCB

You need to complete either an NP, CNS, Or CRNA program to be eligible to sit for the CWOCN-AP. Check out the exam handbook. You do not need prescriptive authority.


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If you get an MSN with education focus (which you could do online), you could then obtain a post-MSN certificate as a CNS or NP. This might be a less expensive route.

CNS, like NP, are APRNs. However, CNS don't have prescriptive authority in every state so you would need to research that further. Here is a helpful map https://www.ncsbn.org/2579.htm

Thank you all for your suggestions. Been so busy with patient care and never ending support mtgs. Persons of size, incontinence care (no briefs) and other issues. Appreciate your comments. Interesting thing just happened. Our hospital has entered with two other health systems in an "alliance". Just been "shut down" in an attempt to review practices within the woc's in our groups to meet informally to discuss workflow and practice. I guess I will wait and see what happens. Trying to keep patients safe and provide best practice for all affected. Feels like restriction to me. Oh well, I will wait for powers that be to prevail.