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RN in Maryland with many years of clinical experience. I'm ready for a change from bedside. Trying to decide between Clinical Nurse Specialist or Nursing Informatics. I enjoy teaching and information technology. So it comes down to salary. Which pays better?


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Before worrying about salary, I'd recommend looking at job opportunities. A lot of areas don't use CNSs much any more. It won't matter what the salary range is if you can't find a job. Are you open to relocating anywhere to get a job, or are you committed to staying in your current area? If you're going to be staying in your area, what kind of job openings are you seeing for informatics or CNSs?

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I strongly agree with elkpark on this.

Also, which type of work will you enjoy doing full time for several years? I thought I would like informatics, but when I dipped my toe in that pool, I found I did not like it at all. I don't care how much they paid me, it is not a career I would be happy with. (Please don't be offended, informatics people ...I think it is important work and am glad that other people like it because we need nurses to specialize in informatics -- it's just not for me.)

I think the most important thing for a person to consider in choosing a career path is their "fit" -- based on their natural talents, interests, and preferences. Figure out what type of work would make you happy with your job. Then figure out a career path that will build on those positives, while still feasible in the real world. That's the road to job satisfaction. Salary should be considered, but not as the primary thing.

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