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Hi everyone. I'm currently an OR nurse with pediatric surgical/trauma floor experience. I'm interested in advancing my career and leaning towards a CNS program rather than an NP Program. Can I get pros and cons to both to help make my decision? And can anyone recommend good CNS programs, preferably online? Thanks in advance!



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I would say the main difference is that the work of the Ped CNS involves care for the patient (direct but mostly indirect via consultation) as a clinical expert, support for nurses, and engagement with the organization.  In contrast the Ped Acute Care NP focus is 1:1 direct patient care with billing for that care.  The NPs are often employed by the physician medical group. Ped Primary Care NPs work in ambulatory care settings.

Take a look at the competencies for each role (posted on the NACNS website and NONPF website) and then interview nurses in both roles to determine what a "day in the life" of that role looks like.

Oregon has state laws that make online education there difficult.  Application fees are stiff.  You may find that online programs are not able to serve you in OR so look at your in-state school options.