CNOR study tips?

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I am currently studying for the CNOR and am trying to get a feel for if I am prepared or not. I know the score to pass is at least a 620. Does any one know how that would translate into a percentage? I am taking practice exams and scoring anywhere from an 80-85%. Are these sufficient enough scores to translate into a 620 on the day of the exam? I have about 40 days until my test date. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't know how it correlates, but I think you're doing pretty good. The best advice I can give you is to know the disinfection/sterilization techniques. Everything else, you can make an educated guess about, but those types of questions are absolutes, and you either know it or you don't. Good Luck to you, it wasn't that bad.

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I took mine last April and passed. I am a great test taker and it was not easy. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's just circulating stuff either. I had sterilization questions, anesthesia questions(in depth ones too!), PACU, legal questions etc. It's doable but don't go in cocky,lol. I've known nurses who have been in the OR for at least 10 years that have failed. Read each question carefully- they like trick questions.It does sound like you on on the right track though. I was happy that my result popped up after I finished. I wish the NCLEX would have been like that!



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Thanks for the replies...I passed!