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I just want to know if there's anyone here who has tried applying for a temporary license as an RPN in Ontario. I am an RN currently working in the Philippines who has an immigration application in Ontario. While working on my immigration, I applied for registration in CNO at the same time in order to look for an employer while still waiting for my papers. During my first registration in CNO I waited for 4 months only to find out that I did not qualify to sit for their RN registration. They told me that our education here in the Philippines is somewhat lacking in aspects of

Science. They told me that I can still sit for the RN exam provided that I have to do some more bridging courses. Since I didn't want to take this option my immigration consultant gave me an advice to apply in the RPN registration instead. So I did requested CNO to review my credentials this time to be registered as an RPN. Again after waiting for another 4 months I received a confirmation letter stating that I am eligible to sit and register for the Canadian Registered Practical Nurse Examination.

In the process of waiting for my confirmation letter, my consultant was able to look for an employer who was willing to sponsor and help in my visa application. I had an interview and written exam, after a month the potential employer sent me a job offer letter. Now I am already waiting for the approval of my LMO. Our plan is to apply for a temporary license in CNO as soon as my LMO is approved so that I can leave the country and start my job in Canada as soon as possible. My IELTS which I used in my initial application in CNO is about to expire on December and I was told by my consultant that I have to get a new one. They told me that I need a current IELTS as a requirement in the application for a temporary license since my previous IELTS will most likely be expired by the time my LMO gets approved.

Is there anyone here who had the same experience in temporary license application? Do I really need to retake the IELTS exam before being granted for a temporary license? Why can't I just use my old IELTS? Isn't my old IELTS score enough to prove my fluency in English? any ideas, inputs and comments will be much appreciated. thanks guys!

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Even if you use IELTS for PN you still need a current IELTS for your work permit and seeing as you have only a couple of weeks left in Nov I would probably say do it again. Be aware that you are still looking at a few months waiting because before a work permit is given you need a medical because you will be working in the healthcare profession