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CNO Frustrations

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I am an IEN RN (Australia) but have been working as an RPN in Ontario for the last 3 years while my application for my RN status goes back and forth with the CNO. For the last 2 years I have experienced nothing but sheer frustration with them. The latest communication being the most frustrating. I completed the BET form at the CNOs request. Before submitting it several months ago I learned that since they had sent me the BET for completion that they had changed the equivalency/assessment forms to the "met" or "not met" competencies. I called the CNO and was told that since I was originally in receipt of the BET just to submit that and I wouldn't need to complete the new form of assessment. I got my BET in well before the 31st Dec deadline and waited. I put in several phone calls and left a message for my original assessor to contact me back as I was concerned about it being assessed in time - once the new regulations were in place it would eliminate my eligibility altogether since my nursing education as an RN was completed 4 years ago (the new regulations require 3 years since completion). This week I received a letter from them requesting completion of the new forms which they told me I didn't have to do. Their letter was dated 21st Dec. I now have to argue justification for my 'Not met" competencies. In any case without rattling on too much I am bewildered at the following.

1. Why did they tell to submit the BET if they were a) only going to issue the new assessments forms anyway and b) respond back to me at such a late date there was no way I could have either submitted the new forms in time OR even if I had, written the exam before Dec 31st.

2. I noticed that it doesn't even appear they have reviewed my BET as many of the "not met" competencies which I now have to address are clearly and specifically outlined in my original BET.

3. I also noticed that on the most recent correspondence when summizing my nursing program it states I graduated in 2005 AND that my program was only 7 months long. I did a portion of my program at one university and transferred to another. I know they have all the relevant paperwork for the program - afterall they needed it to assess my eligibility to work as an RPN in the meantime. I graduated in 2008 and my program was 3.5 years long. I know they are aware of the graduation date because they have confirmed it everytime I call in and clearly a nursing degree is more than 7 months long as per the paperwork I and the university submitted. How on earth do they screw something like this up.

4. The letter I have received from them has no name or specific person to contact. It is clearly signed by someone (who you can't make out) but underneath states "Registration Administrator". Is this their way of avoiding accountability. Even when I do call I literally am on hold for an hour before I can get through to anyone. On some occassions I have asked to be put through to my assessor only to leave messages that forever go unanswered.

5. Finally, they won't/can't even advise of a nursing refresher or bridging program I am required to do for RN eligibility. I know they are going to reject the new information from the competency assessments they are requiring from me because I fall outside the new regulations so why can't I just avoid all this extra paperwork and they just tell me what program I need to complete.

I am so disillusioned by this all. It seems to be a never ending battle. I feel it is ironic that they are assessing our compentencies yet they are clearly not demonstrating a similar level of competence in the assessment process. At this point I feel like giving up. I contemplating writing a letter to my MP and the fairness commissioner to bring this to their attention. I find it ridiculous.

Has anyone had a similiar experience or can shed any light on what I should do next??

I am so down about it.



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Vangold, you are not alone. I share your sentiments and even wrote Nurse manager from CNO to express my frustrations and how inefficient they are on the registration process. I keep pushing my application last year because my safety practice expired last dec 2012. Knowing the new rule, I was so anxious to hear feedback from them if my application will be affected considering I started my application January 2011. It is so unfair that inefficiency on CNO side affected us since they continuously change their rules. I feel so disappointed in the registration process. Another thing, they are not consistent with their evaluation. I have a couple of friends same school, credentials and experience. They have successfully taken the exam. The only difference is the year we started our application. The registration time frame is not uniform as well.

Anyway, the new update on my side Is the requested me to take OSCE this coming MArch.

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