CNM school + baby?


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Hi everyone!

I am wanting to pursue CNM school but trying to figure out the timing. I have two kiddos already (4 & 2) and am newly pregnant with #3. I’m due the first week of March. I am looking at the part-time Frontier option and am considering either Winter 2023 or Summer 2023. Winter would have me starting before baby comes and Summer obviously baby would be here. Does anyone have any insight or experience with this? How doable is this program with little ones? I am able to work per diem and my husband only works 8-10 days a month so I will have support at home. 

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Did you end up applying? I applied before when I had recently given birth to my daughter and was accepted. I was so excited but I was hit with anxiety of leaving her as I was a first time mother and breastfeeding with no storage yet and orientation in KY was approaching. I ended up not accepting and now they don't take applicants from NY (where I live). As you stated you have two other kiddos so I'm sure you are well experienced and you have great support at home, are you concerned about school-life balance? I think you can do it as it is distance learning aside from orientation and the few visits you must make to KY throughout the program. Clinicals are in your home state and they help with placement. Good luck to you and congratulations on your new addition!