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CNM Research Paper

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Hello everyone! My name is Molly and I am a CPM working on nursing prerequisites to become a CNM. I'm writing a short class paper on DEM's who have made the transition to CNM, or are in the process. If anyone wouldn't mind answering a few questions by email, it would be much appreciated! The questions are as follows:

1)How long did you work as a DEM, including training.

2)Why did you decide to become a CNM rather than continue practicing as a DEM?

3)At what school(s) did you get your associates degree for nursing? bachelor's? masters?

4)What was the most challenging part of the transition from DEM to CNM for you? Why?

5)How did you deal with this challenge?

6)Is there a short story you could tell of an example of you working through this challenge?

7)Do you have any advice for DEM's considering this change of practice?

The questionaire can be emailed to me. Thanks so much!! Also, if you would include your name, that would be great. If anyone wishes to not have their real name used in the paper, let me know... no sweat!

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For what class/school are you doing the paper? I'll do it, but I'm curious...

That would be great! I go to a community college in Portland, Oregon, where I'm working on nursing prerequisites. The paper is for a writing class, on a research topic of our choice that relates to work. My professor recommends we write about something we're interested in. I have some concerns about the transition from DEM to CNM for myself, and I'm trying to get a survey of the challenges other people have faced making that change. Like I said on the post, it's not necessary for me to use anyone's real name in the paper. Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions.


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