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CNM job outlook in Kansas

Has 2 years experience.

I really want to become a CNM but Im worried that in my area(kansas city and surrounding towns) there are not many job opportunities. There is only one university that offers a CNM program in our state and this year they had their biggest class which was 9 women. I dont know if this is because there isnt a lot of jobs,interest, or if its very hard to get into.

I was hoping that someone on here was maybe from KS and could tell me what to expect. I've been looking at online job ads for midwifes/CNM's and it seems to be very slim pickings.....on the other hand the OBgyn clinic I go to has 4 CNM's..but they seem to be the oddballs because I havent seen this at other clinics or hospitals.

I really feel like becoming a nurse midwife is what I'm meant to do so Im hoping I can get some positive news about the job opportunities.

thank you in advance!

I'm in the kansas city area, and I do think CNM jobs are slim pickings around here, not many places hiring, but then again things change on a weekly basis around here, new groups popping up and such.

Ya never know, let's just say I don't plan on finding a job in the KC area, but will take it if I do, I'm fortunate enough to be able to relocate and I graduate in December, from an online program.


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