cnm / fnp dual programs without a bsn


Hi everyone! I'm currently taking my pre-reqs for nursing school, because I decided to pursue a cnm. (I trained as a lay midwife for two years, which is a whole other story, but the point is that I do have experience, and know that ultimately I want to be a midwife).

Like I said, I'm taking pre-reqs right now, for an accelerated bsn at my local college. I'm exploring nurse midwifery programs, and noticed a lot of them also offer an fnp or whnp at the same time. This is something I'd really like to do, since I'd also love to do primary care.

So now I'm wondering if I might be better off applying to a school that offers an accelerated program that can merge right into completing a masters. Does anyone know of a program that offers this? I always planned to apply to Frontier, but they require at least an rn. And of course I don't want to take on a ton of debt, if I can help it.

Thanks in advance :))

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You can do primary care as a CNM. CNMs have a broader scope than WHNPs (meaning, they can do anything WHNPs can do, and more). If you want to provider primary care for children, men, and geriatric populations, then an FNP would be useful.

I'm sure there are direct entry MSN programs that offer a master's in nurse-midwifery, you just need to search. I think most of them require a previous bachelor's degree in another discipline.